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Mobilisation, Action, Solutions and Peaceful Resistance.


The Last Generation That Can (2013) HD

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We are The Last Generation That Can save mankind from its current fate.

If we fail to heed this warning there will be no going back.

Our salvation relies on our participation.

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If successful we can truly create world peace.

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The Virus of Freedom: How to Destroy the
New World Order and Create World Peace

“This film will showcase a potential future we can each help truly create together…”

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Do you want to live a life one hundred times better than you ever dreamed possible?

Do you want Look ten times better? Feel ten times healthier?

Do you want to quit your mundane job and live the life you always dreamed of?

Do you want to work less? Enjoy life more? Ensure your species’ survival? Give back to this Earth?

Do you want to live in an abundant, magical paradise of your own creation that provides for all and not at the expense of any?

Do you want complete and total freedom? Power?

Do you want lay the foundations whereby humanity can literally reach for the stars and beyond,
Where we come together as one, heal our world and species and ascend into a future we each help co-create as powerful forces and spiritual entities upon this Earth?

AND do you want to see tangible results FAST!?

What if World Peace was easier than we thought? What if it was as
simple as sharing this movie? This movie is the secret to your success
and the key to your liberation!

Freedom is a virus that cannot be contained once it has been unleashed.


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This movie could be the difference between life and death for most of us.





Please sit down, clear your mind and open your heart. Go with the flow, be free to change with the ever changing. Focus your attention, open your eyes and recognise the situation we are in. Seek not to uphold established belief systems we have each constructed in our psyche, and rather let the information guide you along without any predetermined bias.
Remember who you are amidst this situation, stand tall and become a walking talking representation of the human condition prior to our mass-conditioning!

The time has come; this Idea’s time has come. The Discussion Must Start. This is NOT Revolution for the sake of it, necessity demands we focus our efforts. This is NOT a violent revolution. Hate cannot drive out hate. This is an idea that would cater for all life on this planet, and allow us to live truly ecstatic existences of pure bliss and joy and nirvana!


AND the beautiful thing is less effort is required than you are currently exerting to establish and maintain this lifestyle! If you say it can’t be done you make it so! Pessimism blunts the tools we need to succeed!

All our ideas are unique and individual to us, I completely respect that. We are consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, yet we are one whole. We share this Earth and we have a symbiotic relationship with every organism upon it. All organisms react to human consciousness; that is the power we wield!

If we are threatened by others ideas, or in fear of revolutionary new concepts that could potentially disrupt our comfortable lives of ignorance then we do not allow for the possibility of change. And these times call for DRASTIC Changes! Drastic measures! Strategies! Intellect! Confidence! Ability! Bravery! Love! Action! Fearlessness! YOU!

If you take this seriously things radically change. Trust me.
Those who take this seriously benefit.

All I ask is you have faith enough in my analysis to research and confirm everything I will present. I ask that we each stop allowing freaks to poison us, and start living like Gods amidst a gigantic magical paradise of our own creation that would ensure our species survival. And I need YOUR HELP! HUMANITY, I NEED YOU! Do you want to thrive in something like the Garden of Eden? You do?

You want to create Heaven on Earth?

You found the right film!

I can guarantee you: I believe this is 100% feasible!

Do you feel powerless in today’s society? What if this was by design? Do you believe there is something more to life than just this? I DO! What if we were being suppressed; our consciousness repressed; our biology modified?

What if our perception on reality itself was NO MORE than an embedded illusion?!?!?!? And one that could be unlearned?



If we do not dissent – that is to say, if we allow this this Eugenics
Agenda to continue unabated and the leaders of our world
encounter no resistance, then they will continue to push the limits
and see how much they can get away with until we are hiding in a
corner, unable to act. Too late. Is too late what are you going to wait for?

Power is not about having power OVER someone, it’s about recognizing everyone is powerful in their own way; it’s about truly building up your species, sharing in equality, and living your potential! Power is about claiming responsibility for your life! It’s hard to create, it is easy to destroy.

This is a film that will strip you down to your core, your essence. With your help we will attempt to abolish all external appearances and social constructs, to vanquish our egos and become that which we actually are, at our fundamental core, so that we can bear the brunt of what we are all about to experience and brace for that which is inexorably crashing down upon us. And do more than survive, THRIVE!!

“Ego gets in the way of love,
Ego destroys possibility,
Ego shuts you off from the rest of the world.

So then why believe ego??

Heart gets you to love,
Heart creates all possibility,
Heart connects you to the world.

So why then reject heart?”

– Belinda Almeida

We each deserve to be completely loved and accepted for everything we are; to not run from but become aware of both our light and dark nature and seek to do all that is good and just in this world and to leave your mark in history, positively.  To be born again as a more honest expression and accurate representation of one’s self.

Upon watching this film, you will have all the tools necessary to completely shake shit up in your reality for the better of all mankind! The answer is YOU are the answer!

So please, once this movie is over, I ask you consciously use your newly-found, enlightened perspective to fuel a new cycle of positive growth. Whatever you do, don’t let your awareness scare you back into the apparent safety of your denial and ignorance!


This movie should empower YOU to take action! And ‘action’ can be something as small as sharing this movie with everyone you know, everywhere you can! This will more than suffice. You can make your own posters to advertise this movie! Be creative and spread the posters everywhere.

An idea can spread without limitation once it is widely understood and heard! Let’s make it known! Let’s use our power!
We truly are riding a rollercoaster straight to Hell at the moment. As concrete as your life may appear, certain priorities MAY have to wait for another day and a different set of circumstances for expression. Certain other priorities have to take the fore. Believe me when I say paying attention to reality and all the information within this movie, and then acting on this information is the priority!!

Become a warrior of love and life and health and peace and freedom! Share this movie with as many people as you can with the expectation everyone who watches this movie will DO THE SAME!!

Show these tyrants just how powerful we are!!

World peace is ONE CLICK AWAY MY FRIENDS! If you believe in it and if you propel it to the forefront of our current world-wide awareness we can achieve victory and SAVE OURSELVES. This movie is a necessary weapon against a very real threat. With this movie, each person will be granted the opportunity to safeguard their future and propel our species into our glorious evolution! We have two paths: our evolution revolution or our inevitable extinction. Which path sounds better?

True Artistic Expression will return to humanity as cultures naturally form everywhere!

Free energy devices will dominate instead of being suppressed!
True creation!! True abundance! True PEACE!

Break free from the chains that have enslaved us and become wild, undomesticated and free! Be love!
We only need to combine the knowledge we have forgotten with the knowledge we have presently, visualize our positive futures and strive to attain them in spite of this situation we find ourselves in!

This film will help you do just this! The first step is in recognizing the inherent problem with society and how powerful we are to change it! This movie will outline the problem and provide truly realistic solutions!


This is the Red Pill! This is the weapon! This is the opportunity! THIS IS IT!
To see ourselves through this we need to stop sitting on the fence. We must force these issues into the arena as matters of black and white. We are either on the path of life or death, war or peace, knowledge or ignorance, freedom or slavery, health or sickness, love or hate, excitement or fear… evolution or extinction. Which path are you on?

Let us change this world together, my friends.
Because… we actually CAN! For REAL!

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Please Contribute to Reality Around You and Please…

Thank You All, You’re Awesome.

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