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Health Guide


If we attempt any course of action without first remembering who we are and what we are then I would suggest our actions would be almost futile. Remembering who we are occurs both spiritually, biologically, physiologically and psychologically. So it is imperative we heal ourselves biologically and psychologically and spiritually and it is critical we begin the process NOW, while we still have some semblance of a free society, and while we still have the ability to affect positive change.

Once one has grasped the fact our bodies and minds have been targeted in unison by twisted Eugenicists, and that our current perspective on reality has been completely embedded into our minds, and is, in actual fact, entirely fictional, one invariably follows two paths: one either sinks further into ignorance, pride and denial OR they attempt to reverse the damage that has been done, detoxify, alkalise and regenerate their cells.

Unearth the Power within you!

The answer to De-Humanisation is Re-Humanisation. If we want to regain our cognitive functioning and our ability to think, interpret, recognise, respond and act then we are going to have to understand some basic principles and we are going to need a nudge in the right direction. This is that nudge. These are those principles.


Food is energy. The food you eat is what your body uses to fuel the creation of new cells.

As old cells die, new cells replace them. Most of us have unknowingly been filling our bodies and fueling our cells with unhealthy foods. We have been filling our bodies almost exclusively with dead, denatured, old and toxic foods. This is why many people are unwell these days, and rely upon caffeine and pharmaceutical medicine to sustain them. This is why sickness has become the norm.

Our cells crave nutrition. Our cells crave vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and amino acids. Our cells crave diversity! Our cells want to function perfectly! If we fuel our cells with that which we are offered in the supermarkets then our cells will grow to be weak. These weak cells compromise your system and thus diseases flourish.

When one is filling their bodies with alive, fresh, organic, living, fruits and vegetables and herbs, and eating animal products from animals who have not been tortured and who have not lived in something worse than a concentration camp, then our bodies significantly function better, and our cells appreciate the nutritional bio-availability. This creates a more fresh, alive, organic you!

Your cells DO function properly when they are given the right foundations to build upon! This creates a functioning, happy organism. The macrochasm of this is of course if we humans on this earth organism had the right foundations, we could truly build up this world!

You have two options. Start doing that which will nourish your body and cultivate healthy lifestyle choices, to prevent yourself from dying a humiliating death and to give your progeny a chance at life. Or eat the Eugenicist’s foods and go further and further into illness and depression and ensure our species’ extinction. The choice is yours! But your choice will have grave ramifications on our future, so bear this in mind!

Naturally we should not be so casual about what foods we put in our bodies.

Their power is in you remaining ignorant, so do not play right into their hands! Take back your power! The simplest way to make better food choices is to read the ingredients label of everything you eat. This is what these foods really consist of not what the packaging tells you this food is. You will want the knowledge to eb able to identify flavor enhancers, gmo, aspartame and all their hidden aliases.

Research each ingredient and find out what they do to your body, some have positive effects and some have negative and detrimental effects. If it isn’t good; if it is INTENTIONALLY DESTRUCTIVE, then the only logical step is to avoid that food. This makes sense.

Be aware that most processed food contains GMOs or genetically modified organisms. Start researching these terms, you can find all necessary information in our Free EBook or by visiting our Report Page. Knowledge is power. Take back your power!

The most important thing to do to start getting healthy is to eliminate all toxins and to start immediately including superfoods into your diet while simultaneously introducing more and more fruits, vegetables, herbs, greens, organic grass fed meats, organic eggs and a few nuts and seeds here and there.

The most efficient way to reap the most benefits from your food is to grow it yourself so you know exactly where it came from, what was put in it, how it was grown and take comfort in the fact it is fresh, fulfilling and nutrient-dense and readily available!!

Superfoods  are truly a gift from the Heavens, and I would love if these were cultivated to such an extent they became abundant, this would evolve our species, and this is entirely plausible!! Let us create world peace already!! Watch our Documentary for more

Here are links to some superfood retailers I recommend:

Click Here check out Raw Food World Store


The quality of the water you drink directly impacts your health. Since we consist mostly of water, the better quality water source we get the better our body will be able to perform!

Most tap water contains fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, toxic/heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury etc.), drug residues (psychoactive, side effects), environmental toxins, radioactive isotopes and many other nasty things intentionally placed in there to subdue the population. Naturally we do not want to fuel our bodies with this water.

Everyone is literally taking a hallucinogen daily! This explains an awful lot.

There are a number of ways to avoid this poison. Spring/rain water is good, it is much easier to filter this than to filter tap water. If you want to keep drinking tap water you are going to need a water filter.

You can purchase filters that are under your sink, above sink, whole house, shower head and some other attachments from different vendors.

This filter gets rid of most of the fluoride (it is hard to filter out) and also got rid of radiation/pharma drugs/heavy metals:


I have read reports of people who move to a place that doesn’t fluoridate their water and within 6 months they experience miraculous health improvements and literally it is like they have escaped some cloudy, hazy malaise they were kept captive in for so long. This is FLUORIDE for you! It is a prison of the mind.


You might enjoy sitting in front of your television to relax after a long day at work. You may also think it is harmless and you do it just as a pass time activity.
Television is a significant WASTE of your TIME. And time is what life is. The time is alive, it is an organism, and we are players in this ever changing reality, and we need to become free to change with the ever changing. TV makes us stagnant. TV makes us controllable, malleable and submissive and gives us a false idea of reality and breeds a false morality.

Watching television actually changes your perspective of reality in subconscious ways. It is also rather overt quite often in the message it is trying to instill! The level of propaganda has become so blatant because the level of complacency and normalcy bias is also rising!

The flicker rate of the television alone is designed to put you in a lower brainwave state; between an alpha and theta. This leaves you in a dreamlike state where you are unavoidably influenced through propagandised deliveries and subject to manipulation. Brain wave patterns can be read, studied and used to discern between normal states of consciousness and hypnotic states. It has been shown just 30 seconds of television is enough to induce alpha waves in the brain, which indicates torpid (almost comatose) rates of activity. This is why you see people almost in a trance like state staring at the television, it is by design. TV is very powerful for propaganda, marketing and advertising.

“It is a cover-story to hide what is really going on and where it is leading. The ‘movie‘, which you see and hear on the television news, mainstream radio and in the newspapers every day, is only there to present false explanations for national and world events that obscure their true significance and motivation. Virtually every journalist, except those answering directly to the bloodlines, will have no idea of the part they are playing in this daily unfolding of Problem-Reaction-Solution. They are as ignorant as anyone, in fact, often more so.”
David Icke, Human Race, Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More

You can say your perspective is yours, but I can say with surety, if you have consumed any of the mind-altering substances they give us, if you have drunk fluoridated water, or eaten GMOs, or gone to school, or watched the television, or seen any movies, then you have had your perspective distorted!

TV can imprint beliefs into you through emotional cues. It can effect your subconscious to make you think you need the products that are advertised to you. It can acclimate you to problems in society to the point where you accept them and don’t take any action because you think you are powerless.

“The greatest social messages are promoted through the fixation of emotive sequences – not logical, factual sequences, but pushing points across in an emotional way which register and fix in the mind. So emotional content is very important. Rather than go through an argument using actual logic and facts, there are no debates. And when you are being downloaded your guard is down, the sensor part of your brain is not in action, it isn’t saying “yes I agree with this” or “I agree with that” as you would in a debate or a lecture – you are actually in an alpha state being completely downloaded with new ideas.”

-Alan Watt; Author, radio announcer and researcher

People sit in their fluoridated bubbles, locked in front of their television sets, believing everything it tells them about who they are, what is happening and why. TV has been used “to instill a social worldview and value system that is self-centric and is in fact the opposite of what a healthy and enduring society requires” Is it any wonder people go running about, falling over each other, collecting bits of plastic in order to meet the ever escalating cost of being alive, without ever questioning why it is they have to do so? Why must we pay to be alive? It doesn’t make any sense at all. At all. It’s not real!

“People believe money is power, and in the current climate it very much is. This has all been programmed into people through television and media, all the subliminal things we are bombarded with and subject to that cause us to think this way. Being aware that all these subliminal messages are there is also a good way to begin to free yourself from this train of thinking; gaining a basic understanding that it is not all about the accumulation of ‘stuff’. That at the end of life it is not about ‘the one with the most wins.’ That is not what life is about. But of course everybody is trained to believe that is what it is about. People support this system because they are in the wrong energetic state.”
Max Igan, May 2012

With this information you can see why it would be wise to start reducing or completely eliminating television from your life. To do so you will need to find ALTERNATIVES! And this is entirely up to you. Find a hobby, research, do what you love, make love, anything positive or constructive!

Start researching more into the effects of television (and the foods you eat) and why things are the way they are as you watch less and less television in conjunction with consuming a healthier diet with cleaner foods and cleaner water and you are well on your way to health and well-being!

Your Mind:

The education system of most schools is not designed to enlighten the students to get them thinking outside of their established boxes. They seem to have the opposite effect often producing narrow mindedness and subservience. It teaches you to be acquiescent to self-proclaimed authorities in spite of what they are doing and saying, simply because they are in positions of influence in society.

And simply because we are not. We have had our power stripped from us over decades to such an extent SOCIETY IS AS IT IS RIGHT NOW! Need I say more?

Propagandised education in combination with mind altering poisons in the food and water supply, toxic medication from allopathic doctors and television you can see how the average person can be manipulated into thinking that everything is the way it should be. It is all following a design. Television can tell them what reality is and the food keeps them in an unquestioning/lethargic frame of mind.

Most everyone in society is self-policing meaning that if someone steps outside of the box of what is accepted or allowed they will be immediately shot down by someone else. If that person doesn’t have a whole lot of confidence in themselves, they may just give up right there and get back in line! This is the danger. We need to break out of our mind prisons we have set for ourselves.

Discover the ultimate truth, the one truth. THE TRUTH IS FREEDOM! That is reality. RIGHT NOW we cannot deal in shades of grey, something is either detrimental or positive, no ifs ands or buts. Live in the moment and you won’t fall for the common traps in society.

Start a journey now to discover the truth about what is in your food, and correct the mistakes. Look into other areas of your life and look for better ways of doing things.

I believe a healthy eating and lifestyle plan can reverse many of the illnesses modern medicine have told us are incurable. We need to transcend these limitations.

What to Do!?

First, if you haven’t seen our film The Last Generation That Can, we highly advise you do!

So you understand these concepts and are now probably wondering where to begin from here? What do I do to begin REVERSING the DAMAGE that has been done to my body over the course of my lifetime?

The simplest answer is to incorporate as many ORGANIC FRUITS and VEGETABLES AND HERBS as you possible can! And if they are FRESHLY picked then they are so much more bio-available!

BUY AS MANY HEIRLOOM ORGANIC SEEDS AS YOU POSSIBLE CAN! These will be even more valuable than gold, and they are CHEAP! If we can spread organic heirloom seeds into every household then we are well on our way.

Stock up on SEED RAISING TRAYS (buy them online NOW)

Stock up on SEED RAISING MIX (your local store, buy, buy, buy!)

Because of the enormous presence of estrogen mimicking compounds, we must build up our testosterone levels in every way we can!
Zinc, Vitamin E, Royal Jelly, Medicinal Mushrooms, Tongkat Ali, Pine Pollen, Mucuna, Adaptogens, Herbs.

Testosterone is the libido hormone, dominance hormone, aggression hormone, and it is IMPERATIVE to our health. Our ability to respond to evil and breed is a variable these globalists cannot handle!

SO GET HEALTHY! GET WILD! Regenerate your body and its trillions of cells, do not inundate them with toxicity!!

Succeed in spite of it all, THRIVE! But how does one TRULY THRIVE? We must regain our unadulterated minds! Our mind without the influence of these eugenicists poisons is a force to be reckoned with.

I would strive to make as many teas from wild edibles you can find, as often as possible (here are a cuople videos I made on the subject, corny but educational)

Harvesting Wild Edibles

Making Wild Edible Tea


1. Collect whichever herbs you want to add and cut them up finely.

2. Simmer for 25 minutes on a Low heat (so you do not destroy vital nutrients, which would defeat the purpose of this healing brew)

3. Remove from the heat and allow to steep for a further 10-15.

4. Honey is optional! Though I recommend it because it tastes divine.

Wild Edibles are prolific plants like dandelion, plantain, stinging nettles, pine needles, mallow, olive leaf will all dramatically increase your immune system and have many cancer fighting compounds!

Look up the health benefits of each, make sure no one has sprayed in the area you are about to harvest from, and make sure you can identify every wild edible prior to consuming. Find which ones are in YOUR AREA!

Coriander is easy to grow and will detox heavy metals! This is vital to protect against chemtrail exposure. All herbs are adaptogens which help you adapt to your environment.

The simpler you can eat the better you will assimilate and digest!

I would also, as best you can, switch as much conventional produce to organic, and of course grow your own herbs/greens if you can! Things like celery, apples, grapes, berries, greens have the most amount of pesticides, and things like potatoes, tomatoes, rice, wheat (as of 2013), soy, CORN, are all MAJOR genetically modified organisms which I would definitely buy exclusively organic.

Organic is just natural you know? No bullshit

Fruits such as melons, mangos and bananas don’t matter as much because the rind and skin protects it.

Organic meat is a MUST just because the conventional meats are fed GMO grain.
And the conditions in which they live are often very disturbing and the sanitation is questionable.

I would try and stay clear of seafood unless it is sourced from around Australia/ New Zealand. If at all! Too much contamination from radiation and other hazards affecting our oceans.

I would look up all forms of superfoods and adaptogens! Educate yourself on these!

Here are some cool ones: Ginkgo Biloba, Ashwaganda, He Shou Wu, Moringa, Mucuna, Siberian Ginseng, Hemp Protein, Cacao, Maca, Pine Pollen and Colostrum.

I assume you’re already doing exercise, but  if you are not then you will want to ensure you are keeping on top of it! It is so easy to slide these days! Eat right, Train smart, Carbs, Protein, Fats, Fibre, Vitamins and Minerals, Organic, Natural.

It is not as costly as you may think. Organic potatoes are cheap! Organic rice is cheap and the more you can demand organic meat and fruit at shops the more they will stock it and cheaper it will get.
Vote with your dollars!

I would of course eliminate fluoridated water. The change in perception is TANGIBLE!
Rain water is a viable solution, or you could get a filter.

Perhaps the most important thing is to SHARE our DOCUMENTARY with as many people as you can! JUST TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS! WHAT WE CAN CREATE! I believe we can attain peace on Earth.

I would also invest in a blender and get bulk 13 kg boxes of bananas at a time and use them as the base in Superfood Smoothies. Try and get some good quality, raw protein powder as well.

Medicinal mushrooms are also very interesting! You should look into these.

Wild, grass-fed and organic meats are the best choice!

You will also want to switch to Himalayan Salt instead of regular salt.

Switch normal vinegar to Apple Cider Vinegar.

If you going to cook I recommend you use grape seed oil (good source of vitamin E, high smoke point) or coconut oil (high smoke point), and use olive oil as something like a garnish.

Stay far away from canola oil (GMO – KFC, Barnacle Bill etc) and vegetable oil (often canola, soy bean – most hot chip places)!!

Ultimately we must create a reality where wildlife can thrive, an environment for all animals! These thigns can be done. We don’t have to cull all wildlife and sterilize them. That is a MASSIVE COP OUT!
And it is lower brain wave thougths that thought up that answer.


With wildlife and food abundant, we will hunt all our animals fresh, so the spiritual connection and understanding of what we are consuming is not lost. And we eat the meat for what it is. It does hold spiritual significance!

Everything we need to be happy can be grown in the ground or in our minds! MORE THAN HAPPY! ECSTATIC!! LITERALLY!

Peace, Health, Life, Love, Happiness, Wealth, Freedom are all being taken from us, whether you admit they are or not, and these are the only things that matter!

Everything is forever escalating because we attack symptoms of the larger problem. We compromise whereby they make 10 steps forwards, the public responds a little, and the compromise is they take 3 steps towards their agenda. This is known as the Totalitarian Tip Toe. By doing this we eventually reach Hell on Earth!!

And we are at the pivotal junction in history right now! 2012! This is it!

This is the opportunity! Everyone needs to just stop and pause for a moment and take an objective look at reality!

Just define REALITY right now. What the hell game is everyone playing? Demerit Points? Money? We are forced to play this game which is killing everyone by its very nature. I think we can think of something better! We HAVE thought of something better!

If men encourage women’s estrogen and the women encourage men’s testosterone I believe we will finally start making PROGRESS again!

Art will return to humanity as cultures naturally form everywhere.

Food is abundant. Land is free. We become beings on the Earth, instead of Fictional System BULLSHIT.

We create. We live. We Laugh. We love. We bask. We plant seeds. We shape this earth. We are responsible, together. We are powerful. We are one.

And we will live through this. And we will succeed. And we will evolve.

We can re-green this earth and support every living creature by acknowledging everyone for their unique selves and purpose. Because their births are significant! We are put here for SOMETHING! WHAT IS IT!? BE YOUR POTENTIAL!

Because it can be done!


This is the Answer.

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  5. pearlblossom
    July 24, 2012

    I enjoyed your comments on tv.

  6. 24/7 in France
    October 7, 2012

    Great advice, and I would add spending too much time in front of a computer – guilty myself 🙂 Thanks for visiting/following my blog.

    • Computers are huge step above television because you are running the show, chosing what you want to watch instead of being subjected to the programming.

      I however do agree that spending too much time on your pc isn’t the best thing. You cut of circulation by sitting in the same position, EMF damage, eye strain, RSI in wrists, bad posture and time wasting are common effects of spending too long at a desk.

      No problem and thanks for reading mine back!

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