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What is God? Religion V.S. Atheism (VIDEO)

I think we can call this case closed. I see a lot of arguments between different religions and atheists who also follow their own religion. I feel these arguments are … Continue reading

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Demonstration Of The Ridiculousness Of The System – Alex Jones Commits A Crime Live On Air!

In this video Alex Jones shows the absolute ridiculousness of many of the laws that are imposed on us. These freaks who run our lives have gone too far! Watch … Continue reading

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Are You In Scarcity or Abundance Consciousness?

Which are you in? Scarcity consciousness is perpetuated by this current system that requires pieces of paper to live. Abundance consciousness is simply a perspective, you can choose to have … Continue reading

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Message to Infowars, and People of the Earth (Video)

Relevant Articles/Videos: The Last Generation That Can: GIVE ME FREEDOM! — Urgent call to humanity to fight for our rights!: IMPORTANT:

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As for the next step, I have been saying for years and trying to demonstrate what I mean in my films, THE ANSWER (in my mind) is to have our … Continue reading

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(New Video) Mainstream Media Tries To Discredit Alex Jones And Bilderberg Coverage + How To Stop Corruption!

A discussion with Information Warfare, HFTL and a friend about the current state of the system, mainstream media trying to discredit Bilderberg coverage and how to stop corruption! Article this … Continue reading

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Unique Perspective on Bilderberg and the system – British MP Speaks Out Against Bilderberg

What people need to understand about Bilderberg is this: the leaders of industry, finance, military, media, government, corporations, agriculture, regulation, software, etc. are colluding their power together to achieve one … Continue reading

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MUST READ!! What is wrong with this world summed up in a short video – BBC Reporter Tries to “Provoke” Alex Jones – Bilderberg 2013 – MUST SHARE!

In this video you see mainstream media trying to provoke a reaction out of Alex Jones to discredit anyone researching into Bilderberg, government corruption and other so called conspiracies. At … Continue reading

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Global Warming Debunked! Carbon Dioxide is BENEFICIAL! TRUE Freedom Solutions! PLUS MORE VITAL INFO! MUST WATCH VIDEOS! MUST SHARE ARTICLE!

I recommend everyone watch all of the videos on this page to truly understand how simple the solution to “climate change” is. Also within this article is a world peace … Continue reading

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Hippy Logic 101

“Oh but you know a society centered on the basic principles of humanity and love and peace and art and nature and consciousness and energy and all things tangible just … Continue reading

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