Information Warfare

Mobilisation, Action, Solutions and Peaceful Resistance.


As for the next step, I have been saying for years and trying to demonstrate what I mean in my films, THE ANSWER (in my mind) is to have our own “Bilderberg” style meeting, broadcast live for all to witness and contribute to, over the span of 24-48 hours, brainstorming, collaborating on a RED PILL style documentary. An Event. The panel will consist of Alex Jones at the head (not to lead it, but to organise and broadcast it as the tip of the spear), David Icke, Max Igan, Geoff Lawton, Life Regenerator, Steven Greer, etc etc etc etc, all the best minds and best critical thinkers.

And people also call in with suggestions. We create a script, this will detail all the problems and solutions (succinctly, there really is only one solution, the system itself, the head vampire, drive a stake right through its heart), we then have the audience donate their time and energy and abilities as graphics designers, narrators, composers, and this film is created in the span of a week!! NO MORE!! It is then DISTRIBUTED for free by the audiences of the people participating in the panel, we NO LONGER quibble over ridiculous semantics like “derrrr I dont like the uhhh childish voice” and we SPREAD THE RED PILL to the world, WE TAKE OVER THE GLOBE!! WE PUT POSTERS UP LIKE KONY, except this will be much much bigger, and well thought out, no room for error, it cannot fail, and then we take over, force the conversation into the global consciousness.

And instead of a march where you go out one day and then go home and do nothing. WE WILL CONTINUE TO ACT RELENTLESSLY FROM THAT POINT ONWARDS UNTIL WE HAVE ACHIEVED VICTORY!!!! And once the global awareness understands the situation, we also give them the solution, the vision of the future, which will be free energy, permaculture, total freedom, self-governance, liberation, they recognise it is much better than the status quo, which is our extinction, we overthrow the governments of this world, stand in mutual respect, infinite power, infinite creation, DEDICATE ONE DECADE towards establishing the foundations of this free society, and then we live from that moment onwards, and make the best of it, no more ridiculous legislation, good people will be able to defeat bad people without paper preventing them from doing so, no more poisons and toxins everywhere, the world heals, we gain forgotten senses and lost traditions and knowledge, combine the best aspects of ancient society with the best aspects of modern society and our imaginations to create the best possible future that works for everyone, and everyone will participate. No more money, unless we decide that we can agree upon a fair and honest monetary system.
Because, we are the last generation that can do this, the generation below us is far too corrupted and imprisoned to act, and we have all the tools, necessity, inspiration, energy, techniques, we just need the numbers!! AND THIS IDEA WILL GRANT US THE NUMBERS!! Completely peaceful solution! And if we fail to do so, I believe violence is probably a year off and ubiquitous war the same.



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