Information Warfare

Mobilisation, Action, Solutions and Peaceful Resistance.

MUST READ!! What is wrong with this world summed up in a short video – BBC Reporter Tries to “Provoke” Alex Jones – Bilderberg 2013 – MUST SHARE!

In this video you see mainstream media trying to provoke a reaction out of Alex Jones to discredit anyone researching into Bilderberg, government corruption and other so called conspiracies.

At the end Alex the best point of the interview, “If 125 Holywood stars were meeting in secret in there, you would have helicopters flying all around. But you have world leaders meeting in secret it isn’t covered.”

The BBC camera had been turned off at this point and then the police demanded  that they leave. This was never shown to the public by the mainstream media, but the alternative media kept rolling.

Hopefully at the end when he was explaining to the cops that their support for the system will ultimately destroy their children’s future (and everyone elses!) it caused them to research into the disgusting criminal organization they are supporting and upholding.

What can we do about corruption?

Most people when you ask them ‘are politicians corrupt?’ they will laugh and say yes. They don’t really get angry and do anything about it, even though these people run our lives essentially, they just laugh at it. If someone who wasn’t in a position of power did something wrong most people would want retribution! They would want swift justice! But put a costume or fictional title on this person and suddenly they are above the law, natural or written.

We need to change our perspective. No longer can we persecute the little guy and turn a blind eye to the ones who control our destiny. If you would get mad at someone for robbing your house, then get mad when fractional reserve banking devalues your currency! Get mad when tyrannical laws are set in place! The system is encroaching on our very freedoms yet we ignore it hoping it will go away, but this only empowers it! The corrupt system corrupts those who work for it by proxy, even if their intentions are good! The parameters of the system have been designed to benefit those at the top echelon of the system. They are essentially racketeering everything against everything, funding both  sides and profiting massively off of this madness.

The solution is everyone needs to stop seeing through their eyes (television) and see through their own eyes, look at the world! What the hell is going on?!?

But don’t worry! We have been working on a World Peace Action Plan!

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