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Global Warming Debunked! Carbon Dioxide is BENEFICIAL! TRUE Freedom Solutions! PLUS MORE VITAL INFO! MUST WATCH VIDEOS! MUST SHARE ARTICLE!

I recommend everyone watch all of the videos on this page to truly understand how simple the solution to “climate change” is.

Also within this article is a world peace action plan.

Al Gore’s CO2 Claim Debunked

In this video it is explained how carbon dioxide makes up an incredibly small percentage of our atmosphere.

It also explains how rising Co2 levels are making desert areas greener!! More vegetation is growing.

The global warming/cooling/climate change scam was meant to be used to manipulate humanity into thinking it was a filthy planet destroying being, but we can use this as an opportunity to recognize just how beneficial we can be if we choose to be.

Solution to “Climate Change”

This video expands off of the fact that Co2 actually increases plant growth.

More importantly, it outlines that all of the mainstream solutions we are presented with (carbon tax, lowered standard of living, etc.) are complete and utter bs and that the real solutions are logical, holistic and will benefit everyone equally.

We all know plants absorb CO2 and let out oxygen..

Permaculture  is the supreme system of self sustaining food production that uses the systems of nature to your advantage producing food on multiple layers and it works in multiple climates in including deserts!


This is one manipulation and one solution. Permaculture along with other ideas can create the true foundations of a free world.

Check out our latest film The Last Generation That Can for a greater perspective on the situation: *MUST WATCH/SHARE/ACT!*

As you can see this information is incredibly important in this day and age.

Psychopathic politicians are using fake environmental problems as justification for reduce standard of living.

All the while they ignore the real environmental problems caused by unaccountable multinational corporations like Monsanto, a former chemical weapons manufacturer (they made agent orange) now controlling a large portion of our food supply.

There are countless other atrocities I could point out, instead of focusing on one little symptom we must attack the root cause, corruption.

They are suppressing our potential.

If you are reading this you must share this article and the  videos in it everywhere you can every way you can.

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