Information Warfare

Mobilisation, Action, Solutions and Peaceful Resistance.

Hippy Logic 101

“Oh but you know a society centered on the basic principles of humanity and love and peace and art and nature and consciousness and energy and all things tangible just isn’t achievable. There’s just no money in it  hehehehe Let me scoff at that notion and then continue to let Eugenicists lead humanity’s destiny . I like paper based realities. I can’t be bothered actually THINKING. I’m nobody. My thoughts don’t matter. I mean sure my thoughts literally stem from the source of all creation and my intuition is telling me that complying with this statistically destructive system, proven time and time again to be completely detrimental to all life, threatening our very extinction is without a doubt the completely WRONG THING TO DO. I mean I am depressed as fuck, and so is everyone else, and sick, and tired, but you know, that’s just how things are, everything gives you cancer these days hehehehehe… I’m just a nobody. I can’t think of anything better. Besides I’ve been raised to think this. We are being indoctrinated all the time by design! hehehehehe  durrrrrrr maccas run! GET A JOB! MAKE SOME MONEY! I WILL NOT RESPECT ANYONE UNTIL THEY HAVE A JOB AND ARE CONTRIBUTING TO THE ECONOMY! EATING WEEDS!?!?! BAHAHAHA!!!!! We cant change anything, give up now. Join us.”

Let’s create a peaceful sane world together! New 2013 documentary – The Last Generation That Can

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