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Bilderberg 2013 in England – Massive Security Lockdown

Earlier today, Infowars received word from the (Bohemian?) Grove Hotel in Watford, England – the site of Bilderberg’s 2013 meeting – that reservations Alex Jones had made for himself and his team of journalists would no longer be honored. When we called and tried to confirm the cancellation of our reservations, which would have ended two days before the Bilderberg meeting even started, we were dismissed and led in circles by The Grove’s telephone operators.

It is clear the Bilderberg group is trying to stifle and block the press. That’s why it’s time for the media to resist worldwide and to expose this organization.

It’s time for people in the United States, the UK and Europe, or whoever else in the world can get to Watford, England, to go there and cover the police state and the giant iron curtain they’re erecting around it at taxpayer expense.

In response to Infowars being ousted from the hotel and having their reservations canceled at the last minute at the behest of a globalist mafia crime syndicate, Alex Jones is asking that anyone concerned with preserving liberty, free speech, the freedom of the press and the right to assemble stand together under the banner of freedom, and march into Watford against this unprecedented and arrogant abuse of power.

The Grove’s action in discriminating against individuals for their political beliefs is a violation of the 2010 Equality Act. Previous cases under the same law brought by those discriminated against by guest houses due to their sexuality have been successful. A 2012 European Court of Human Rights judgement affirms the fact that discrimination against an individual due to their political beliefs is unlawful under the Equality Act.

If past meetings are any indicator, thousands of activists are already set to descend upon the British compound this upcoming week, from Thursday, June 6 to Sunday, June 9.

Read full article here:

2013 New World Peace Action Plan Documentary – The Last Generation That Can

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