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Do You Wear This Health Promoting Fabric?

When someone thinks health they normally think of the food you eat and perhaps exercise. There are many aspects to health as you know if you follow this website.

“You are what you eat” is a common saying, that not many people take seriously. You are also what you see, experience, come in contact with, etc. The fabric your clothes of made of effect who you are. Most people buy clothes based on how they look without looking at the fabric they are made from.

First: Avoid These Fabrics

Polyester and all synthetic fabrics are detrimental to health. Polyester is an estrogen mimicking plastic similar to Bisphenol A.

Inorganic cotton isn’t a very good choice, cotton is commonly genetically modified and sprayed with copious amounts of poison.

Action: If you are serious about your health then go through all of your clothes and throw away or give away all that have synthetic fabrics.

Second: Get These Fabrics!

Organic cotton is far superior to inorganic. Organic cotton and organic hemp both have no detrimental effects.

Linen is the most healing fabric you can wear. It has unique anti bacterial properties that preserve the fabric for longer than others. It rarely causes any irritation, when replacing polyester with linen you have a high chance of eliminating skin/health conditions (do this in conjunction with a lifestyle/diet overhaul!).

There Is More!

Not only is what your clothes (and other fabrics you come in contact with like bed sheets, blankets, pillows, etc.) are made of an important aspect of health, what they are washed in and exposed to is also important! What kind of laundry detergent do you use? I use organic plant essential oil based detergents. Most people use toxic detergents.

The key to health is to become conscious of what you are allowing in and on yourself!

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