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GIVE ME FREEDOM! – Urgent call to humanity to fight for our rights!

You know the system we all live under? It is a joke! I will show you exactly how ridiculous and detrimental the system is, and show you exactly what we are missing out on by blindly complying.

There exists right now the possibility for every single human being on this planet to live a life of complete luxury and abundance. Easily! But there are two obstacles standing in the way of this idea. One is internal and one is external. Both must be confronted if we are to achieve global freedom.

If you empty your mind and take an objective, holistic look at reality you will see our true relationship with this world is one of custodianship. We are the protectors and keepers of this Earth. For a brief period we inhabit this planet, and when we die, the custodial responsibility is given to the next generation. And so this pattern has continued for thousands and thousands of years.

Every person has their own unique perspective on this reality. Our perspectives are shaped in many ways; I am sure we are all familiar with the concepts of Nature and Nurture. Our nature is a combination of our genetics as well as our time and place of birth on this earth relative to the planets and stars, which we are an energetic expression of. Nurture refers to who we associate with and what we are exposed to throughout our lives. Both help shape an individual.

We are a soul and spirit inside a biological entity. Our biology is comprised of trillions of cells and even more bacteria. The health and wellbeing of these micro-organisms also affect our ability to perceive and operate in reality. This is why maintaining a state of physical and psychological health is so important.

As a species we have been significantly and undeniably manipulated, particularly over the past 2 decades. As a result, many of our perspectives are simply not grounded in reality. Many people’s perspectives are in fact disempowering themselves and others.

This is by no accident. The manipulation is intentional and for the purpose of control. It is impossible to control powerful, conscious beings; for this reason our genetic and spiritual potential has been targeted. We are under a systematic attack coordinated by a conglomeration of depraved, power-hungry, psychopathic, control-freaks. Our world is being orchestrated by bankers, royalty, media moguls and corporations who seek only to further their own interests and know no limits and no bounds.

They have relegated us to rules they themselves have written, which benefit them alone at the expense of everything else. This is the harsh reality. You can spend countless hours identifying every secret society and every individual responsible, exploring every minutia of detail, but ultimately our main concern should be in empowering ourselves, and dismantling this system – restructuring it to benefit this world and all life upon it, to ensure us a future.

This must be done immediately because these psychotic freaks have also been slowly sterilizing and poisoning us. They are following a doctrine called Eugenics, and believe themselves to be of a superior nature to us – any excuse to justify their actions. They have enslaved the population to a fictional, paper-based reality, centralized around the accumulation of money, while playing us off against each other as they sit back and laugh.

The New World Order is the global power structure usurping this world. It is the standardization of all facets of global society. The New World Order Agenda is to depopulate this planet by over 95%. Since the 1990s this agenda has accelerated exponentially and, on our current trajectory, shows no signs of stopping. There is a very real war going on, on many different fronts. Every issue appears isolated but is, in actual fact, incredibly interrelated and co-ordinated by the very top echelon of the NWO.

We have been raised in an artificial environment and forced to comply, born into bondage and forced to collect money in order to live on the planet. The uniforms we wear are dehumanizing us. Money is no more than a symbol of human energy. It is human energy that is the real currency! Our energy right now is being channeled into an evil system. So many of us have been so overwhelmed by the chemicals in our food, water, environment that we are biologically incapable of understanding what is happening.

The system extricates us from our true soul-path. This leads to a lack of fulfillment in life. Even if we do feel relatively comfortable, it is still unfortunately at the expense of all life upon this planet! We scoff at the notion of a life guided by the basic principles of humanity because we believe there to be no money or power in such a lifestyle. So we follow ridiculous and detrimental orders in order to sustain ourselves and maintain our “security”.

I thought we were the master of our lives, not someone else’s! Right?

This entire system is obsolete. Technologies which could liberate our species are being repressed because of it!!! We are being killed because of it!! The system does not have our interests at heart so why are we giving our hearts and souls to it!?!?

We need a better system and we need to act right now; why comply with a statistically destructive and abusive system destroying our future when we can live a life of abundance!?

I said there were two obstacles standing in the way.

The Internal Obstacle:

We must tap into the spirit of creation. It is a spiritual thing. We must restore our minds to before they were corrupted. We need to look past our ego front to the soul self within, and recognize everyone on this Earth has the same spirit flowing through them as us. We need to stand as one species united under freedom, our differences aside, to reclaim our god given rights. We must reach our potential by detoxifying our bodies of a lifetime of toxins, I suggest doing so through a diet of fresh, organic, whole foods, raw fruits, vegetable juices, and I also recommend we eliminate animal products for a month at the very least to assist in the detoxification process!

If we reintroduce animal products I suggest organic, wild, and grass-fed.

In doing so a completely tangible, new perspective will open up to us! We must incorporate super-foods and adaptogenic herbs as well as wild edibles. We have to remember who we are inside, remember how we communicated when we were children? Before school’s lessons, before society’s expectations, before the ego took over, before taxes, before bosses, before these rules and restrictions. Once we have a strong, loving foundation within we have the ability to manifest the world we desire. And we have the ability to apply ourselves externally.

The External Obstacle:

The globalists, and the system, both must be dealt with, and in the right way. People believe the system is beneficial, they believe this is the natural progression of our species when it has all been engineered this way. This is conditioning which is no longer serving us.

We cannot defeat the system working within the parameters of the system, because it is designed to keep us locked in. It is a trap! A violent response will be playing into their hands and will not work. We cannot destroy the system physically, but we can destroy it conceptually.

We can propose a new and better idea!! The power of an idea is so great it can permeate throughout society faster than anything else can. We must use our imaginations to visualize a better world!! Everything that is in existence right now originated from a person’s imagination. This is the power we wield!

Our true destiny is a society of Total Abundance, Peace, Love and Respect. This will be maintained with Free Energy devices, Permaculture and Total Freedom!! Permaculture is a system that works with nature and is self-sustaining, able to provide true abundance for minimal effort while restoring this planet.

With these foundations humanity will have nowhere to go but up!! We CAN live like this! This society will allow us to fulfill our wildest dreams and ascend into the future, inhabit this planet forever, rediscover repressed powers, higher senses and lost knowledge and traditions.

Look at the state of the world: endless wars, violence, bloodshed, debt, disease. What is the root cause of all this everyone!?!? Is humanity inherently destructive? We are not born with these mentalities! This is learned behavior!! The system is the catalyst! The Eugenicists openly admit to socially engineering and steering humanity in this direction for their desired conclusion!!!

I think we are born loving beings, put here to create, to learn and to apply this knowledge for the better of mankind, to fulfill our soul’s destiny. We are here to serve creation, to protect the world we live on, rely on, and to leave the world in a better place than when we began.

As it stands, we are the Last Generation that can restore this planet. We have the tools, the knowledge, the techniques, the inspiration, the necessity, the energy, now we just need the numbers!! The responsibility is ours alone, as custodians of this planet. We either stand up right now, finish this war and create a literal Heaven, or allow Hell to manifest on this Earth. These are our options.

Heaven or Hell? The choice is ours. Doing nothing is not an option. We need to remember who we are. We need to stand in our power. We need to refuse to comply! We need to unite, help each other through this, and freedom is an idea we can all unite under! The first step is to spread this idea. So please click SHARE!

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