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World Peace Action Plan – Follow These Steps For Success!

Ultimately we all want world peace. We don’t want war, that is foolish and ignorant to want war. You want freedom. We all strive for freedom in our own unique ways. There is a problem, the majority of us are striving for freedom within a system that does not want us to be free! But do not fear! If enough people become aware then we can positively change the world!

Naturally we should all be working towards world peace. The world seems so complex in this day and age that we can feel insignificant and unable to effect change.

The truth is… no one but you could change the world.

Here is the world peace action plan:

  1. First you need to watch our new documentary film “The Last Generation That Can (2013) HD“, we feel it contains important information pertaining to world peace.
  2. Once you have seen this film and if you think it can effect positive change then share it in any way possible.
  3. Use your platform to facilitate world peace, this is the solution. If you have a popular youtube channel/video put annotations on your most viewed videos. Do whatever you can.
  4. The trailer for our film is available to upload to your youtube channel if you wish. Simply click “Remix this Video” in the description box and add an annotation to the video linking to our documentary. Trailer link:
  5. The more who share this film the more effective it can be. We feel it contains subjects that are necessary the majority of the public become aware of before we can start creating a more fair and just world.

Thanks for reading.

Take positive action!

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