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What Should You Eat? Bio-dynamic Organic or GMO? Plus More Advanced Food Production Methods!

Many people believe because GMO is so wide spread that it is simply undeniable fact that GMO is just as healthy or healthier than organic bio-dynamic produce.

Which of these should you be striving for? Organic or GMO? Is there better? Is GMO a distraction from the real solutions? Read on to find out!


GMO or genetically modified organism. Genetically modified crops one of the most destructive ways of producing “food”. The main appeal of GMO is the plants have been modified to resist herbicide, this makes weeding much easier. The plants can be doused in a pesticide linked to tumor growth. Many of the plants are modified to contain a pesticide within each cell of the plant. GMO has been shown to metabolize differently to regular produce.

GMO isn’t only destructive to our health it also is environmentally destructive and unsustainable. The herbicide glyphosate creates resistant superweeds that require stronger chemicals to be produced. If the current chemicals are already toxic why do we want to go down this road? The inbuilt pesticides are also producing resistant superbugs which are destroying crops.

The biggest corporation in the GMO industry is Monsanto, they control the majority of the GMO supply. GMO crops can cross pollinate with non GMO crops and at this point Monsanto has the “right” to sue the farmer whose crop was contaminated with Monsanto poison. This is just one little part of Monsanto’s corruption, you should research more yourself.

Selective breeding Vs. GMO

Many people who argue for GMO say that all of the food we eat today is genetically modified. This is false. What they are referring to is selective breeding. Selective breeding is using seeds from the strongest plants, or the plants with the most desirable traits. This is still considered natural.

What genetic modification is, is man taking genes from other plants, bugs, bacteria, animals, fish, viruses, etc and putting them into other crops. Some tomatoes have fish genes. Many GM varieties have built in pesticides into each cell. They are all modified to be resistant to the toxic glyphosate, the chemical that kills everything else it touches.

Bio-dynamic Organic:

Organic produce is free the pesticides/herbicides/fungicides used on conventional produce. Overall the practices used on organic vs conventional and GMO are far better and more holistic.

Bio-dynamic organic is takes into account the relationship between plants and their potential beneficial or detrimental relationship. This means that certain plants effect surrounding plants, also known as companion planting. You can find lists and graphs online of what plants do good with what plants and then plan your garden in the most beneficial way.

Bio-dynamic organic uses natural soil amendments (manure, rock dust, seaweed, compost and other natural amendments) instead of petrochemical/toxic soil amendments.


The practices of bio-dynamic organic gardening align with permaculture. Permaculture is the future of food production. It is a style of gardening that mimics nature. Similar to bio-dynamic organic it uses systems of nature instead of fighting against them making them much more productive for the work put in.

Permaculture takes that a step forward and constructs a landscape of edible food producing plants. It isn’t just limited to food forests, the principals of permaculture can be applied to various types of landscapes including designed grazing terrain with different varieties of heirloom grasses that thrive in different seasons for year long grass.

Check out these videos on permaculture:

Establishing a Food Forest

Greening The Desert

Urban Permaculture


Aquaponics is a relatively new method of food production that takes two separate things and brings them together. A typical system has a tank or pool full of fish. The fish produce waste and when you only have fish this is a problem. Aquaponics uses this nutrient rich waste by taking some of the water from the tank of the fish and running it through the plant beds above. Plant beds use rocks instead of soil, the dirty water is filtered through and comes back clean to the fish.

Check out this video explaining aquaponics in better detail:

Practical Aquaponics


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