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2 Essential Healthy Lifestyle Practices

2 Essential Healthy Lifestyle Practices:

Reading The Ingredients List: You must always read the ingredients list; this is where the true contents lie. You need to research each ingredient to know if it is good or bad for you. This is simple just use a search engine and type in “ingredient” health effects or “ingredient” danger. This is an essential practice you must learn to perform every time you plan to take something external and bring it internal.

Top ingredients to look our for:

Drinking Enough Clean Water: A large percentage of our bodies consist of water. Most people are constantly dehydrated; they eat when their body is telling them to drink water. People drink soft drinks or some other type of drink because they think water tastes bad. The reason people think this is because most water supplies add copious amounts of chemicals to the water, it tastes bad and the health effects are even worse!

Chlorine damages our DNA, we are not meant to be drinking or bathing in it. Fluoride as mentioned is highly toxic and “benefits” are topical, not systemic. Pharmaceutical drugs are obviously bad. Radiation can be in tap water.

Spring water is good to drink, distilled/reverse osmosis is good but be sure to mineralize your water with a tiny amount of Himalayan salt or radiation free kelp/dulse, rain water is good but you will want to filter this as there can be toxic algae that grow in the water and chemtrail residues will accumulate in the water. Filtered rain water is much better than filtered tap water.

Once you change water source over the course of the next few months and years your body will change the its water to a higher quality, this will improve your overall health and and well-being.

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