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Seeking Out The Healthiest Foods

You should naturally be seeking out the healthiest foods. Ideally you make everything yourself from scratch. The healthiest foods are whole foods! The healthiest form is organic, biodynamic and also wild. Whole foods include fruits, vegetables, sprouted nuts, sprouted seeds, greens, herbs, meats, eggs and dairy.

Grains are not very good for us but some people can tolerate them, always sprout and then cook them as unsprouted grains damage digestion and leech minerals from the body.

Dairy is not tolerated by everyone, this is mostly to do with pasteurization and homogenization. These practices were brought in when cows were raised on grain instead of grass, this caused them to become sick. The quality of the milk was low so they started heating it up to kill the bad bacteria that was in this low quality milk. This causes a lot of problems as heating destroys enzymes within the milk that help you digest things like lactose. The best dairy to consume is raw organic biodynamic non homogenised, the stricter you are with this the better off you will be.

Raw and cooked vegetables both have their own individual benefits. Juicing is a great way to get liquid nutrition into your body.

Be sure all animal products are from organic grass fed animals, if the animals are grain fed the grains are genetically modified unless organic. Be sure the animals have not received artificial hormones, vaccines or other injections as this will be present in the meat. Biodynamic meat will have a broader spectrum of nutrients compared to other types. Grass fed has a higher omega 3 content as well as higher vitamin A and E.

Biodynamic gardening is a more holistic approach to gardening that takes into account trace minerals, companion planting and other beneficial practices.

Super foods are incredibly nutritious and easy to add into our everyday lives. There is no extra effort required, take what you are doing now and make it healthier.

Some great superfoods include (but not limited to):

Read this list of health benefits of foods to learn more about how to fuel your vehicle in this reality:

Read this simple free healthy eating guide:

Read this easy to understand list of poisons to avoid for optimal health and vitality:

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