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Poisons To Avoid For Optimal Health and Vitality – Fluoride

Fluoride – Rat poison, Nazi concentration camps, calcifies the pineal gland, industrial grade not pharmaceutical/food grade, heavy metal contamination, topical not systemic, various regulatory agencies that used to support fluoride are more and more recommending to avoid fluoride. To sum up a few of the reasons why you would want to avoid this in your water and food, yes it’s in all of the food as well unless stated otherwise.

Tap water has been the subject of various chemicals and additives that we as a species are not meant to consume. Anyone that is drinking tap water that isn’t filtered is putting themselves and their families at risk.

The tap water we are expected to drink contains various chemicals in the name of public health but do they help or hinder?

Sodium fluoride is an industrial grade waste product of phosphate fertilizer production. Phosphate rock is heated in sulfuric acid which off gasses hydrogen fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride. These two gasses are highly toxic to plant and animal life. In incidences where the gas was exposed to cows they all developed severe skeletal fluorosis. A way they came up with to stop the gas escaping was by spraying water at it, this changes the gases into hexafluorosilicic acid.

This toxic waste with detected levels of lead, radioactive material and other toxins. By law they cannot dispose of this in the ocean because of its toxicity. Unfortunately also by law once someone buys this toxin the term hazardous waste is changed to product.

THIS is dumped into your water. I want you to understand the magnitude of this. Repackaged toxic waste is intentionally being dumped into our water, the majority of the public is drinking this and thinks it is good! Madness..

I don’t see many people talking about this, everyone talks about fluoride being in water but it is also in food. When buying processed foods be sure that anything that uses water is filtered. If you don’t know how to avoid poison in processed food Click Here to open another page with some great tips.

Drink spring water, filtered rain water, distilled water, reverse osmosis, filtered tap water, anything but tap water by itself! Find the right kind of water for you. Drink amounts of different types of water if you have to..

You will want to get a very high quality filter if you plan on filtering tap water. Find out what chemicals are put in your water if you ask your local government. Each area has a unique set of chemicals. Don’t just take their word get it independently tested, you may be surprised.  Rain water is much easier to filter.

Common chemicals put in tap water include chlorine (DNA damage, accelerate aging), chloramine (derivative of ammonia), traces of various pharmaceutical drugs in some cases 50 or more all interacting in your body at once which is highly dangerous.

There is more and you can see why you would want a HIGH quality filter for the tap water since it is radioactive and industrial grade.

This Filter gets rid of fluoride, radiation and other chemicals. It is certainly better than drinking unfiltered tap water than smells like a chlorinated pool.

Wanna Detox This Crazy Junk Out Of Your Body?! Check Out These Awesome Detox Tips! Follow this page through, it was designed to teach you how to avoid all of the poisons! You need to know this!

This is literally the solution to bring about world peace! Check this out!


Where Does Sodium Fluoride Come From?

The Fluoride Deception exposes the truth about water fluoridation and the phosphate mining industry

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