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Make Your Favorite Junk Foods Healthy(er) AND Taste Better!

One of the main reasons that processed foods are so unhealthy these days isn’t the fact that they are “donuts” or a “burger”, these are just ideas. The difference between conventional, organic and homemade organic are enormous.

No Two Loaves Are The Same..

No two loaves of bread are the same; one loaf may have genetically modified inorganic wheat, GM soybean oil, GM soy flour, fluoridated water, refined salt, sugar from GM sugar cane, MSG and other crazy stuff, the other may have organic white flour, filtered water, organic sugar, Himalayan salt, coconut/olive/your favorite oil.

When you go to buy the organic bread from the supermarket you will notice the price is higher than conventional bread, you might notice there are inorganic ingredients within the organic stuff. You can’t just trust organic you still need to read the list.

Homemade Organic Is Often Cheaper Than Conventional Processed

What is amazing is you can actually make organic bread, donuts and other things like this from scratch cheaper than it costs to buy the conventional version from the shops. I made 10 organic donuts with the best ingredients for about $3, I already had some of the ingredients in my house and they are all cheap. The donuts were better than any I’ve ever had and so easy to make!

One of the main reasons people are opposed to healthy lifestyle changes are they think they won’t be able to eat their favorite foods, you need to realize that the concept of a donut is not inherently bad but the ingredients that are typically used are the enemy. You can still have pizzas, burgers, icecream, cake, biscuits, donuts and all of this just change them to organic! Without the addictive MSG you will find you don’t need to eat these things as much and only occasionally when you feel it might be appropriate.

You can actually enjoy these foods more once you make them yourself and use organic ingredients. By simply making this change (and more) you can  lose weight, gain muscle and overall improve as a result of taking it to the next level.

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