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Purslane Health Benefits – Highest Omega 3 Fatty Acid In Land Plant

Facts about purslane:

  • Purslane is a succulent plant that is used world wide traditionally by many cultures.
  • Though purslane is considered a weed it is highly nutritious and grow prolifically in the right conditions making it ideal for free greens.
  • Purslane is the highest omega 3 fatty acid source from land vegetables. Omega 3 is highly anti inflammatory and lacking in most peoples diets.
  • Purslane is high in vitamin A, some B and C.
  • Purslane also contains a variety of minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.
  • Purslane is easy to cultivate requiring little experience to receive a huge nutritional reward!
  • Purslane is high in two potent antioxidants betaxanthins and betacyanins.
  • Purslane has antimutagenic properties.

Overall this plant is highly valuable in this day and age with the abundance of GMO, fluoride, radiation and other mutagenic compounds we are regularly exposed to that we need to heal from. The abundance of omega 3 also gives it an advantage over other greens. Easy to cultivate, often found in the wild as a weed and it tastes pretty good! Give purslane a shot today.

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