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Shocking Facts About Laundry Detergent!

1. Laundry detergents are not actually soap. Many of the ingredients are petroleum waste byproducts. Many of the ingredients have been linked to endocrine system disruptions which are inked to birth defects, ADD, tumors, cancer and hormone disruption.

2. Manufacturers don’t even need to list the ingredients list on their product! Who knows what is in this stuff?!

3. Studies show that detergents are not washed out by the machine and in fact remain on the clothing/bed sheets  slowly leeching into your skin.

4. The horrible chemicals used in making laundry detergent are highly absorbable by the skin.

5. The fragrances used in detergents are linked to ADHD, diabetes, testicle shrinking (atrophy) and infertility. And your underwear is soaked in this stuff!

6. Most conventional detergents don’t even clean your clothes properly. They are covered in a chemical residue designed to give the appearance of cleaner clothes. These chemicals are designed to not rinse off. These chemicals are carcinogenic.

So do the SANE thing, avoid conventional detergent! Get organic, do anything but regular detergent!!!

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