Information Warfare

Mobilisation, Action, Solutions and Peaceful Resistance.

Observations On People Who Watch Television

I see a recurring theme:

  • People who watch television deny and ignore reality.
  • They even go so far as to attack loved ones who try to break them from this trance.
  • They are offended by truth and eat up lies. This is because it is easier to fool someone than to tell them they have been fooled.
  • They buy pointless trinkets and toxic food because the television told them to, yet deny this occurs! Would they have bought this crap without the televisions influence?
  • People who watch television buy into the lie that the system is real when in actual fact it is fiction, a meme, an idea. The system exists only on paper and in the minds of men and we can change our minds at any moment!
  • People who watch television have shorter attention spans and are more easily manipulated into accepting ideas and information with no factual basis, instead these ideas are purely emotional which bypasses logic and fact. (compared to those who do not watch television)

Check out my video about television to learn more!


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