Information Warfare

Mobilisation, Action, Solutions and Peaceful Resistance.

Information Warfare Viewers, We Need Your Help!

Information Warfare needs your help! We have essentially all of the information on problems that face us as a species (toxic food, government corruption, propaganda, etc.) and logical, tangible solutions to these problems (healthy diet, permaculture, etc.) Our new documentary The Virus Of Freedom brings all of these aspects together into a cohesive, easily understood package.

The Virus Of Freedom was designed to create world peace and end government corruption. It contains enlightening information that can radically change your perspective on society and “the system.”

This is where you come in. Please watch our film and if you genuinely like our solutions then share the film!

It literally can create a world wide Garden of Eden style permaculture food forest. It has the possibility of healing the whole planet and everyone and thing on it! This doesn’t mean losing all the technologies we use, we will just get better ones that aren’t planned to break in about 4 years when the next model comes out.

The Virus Of Freedom (2013) HD

Not enough people are viewing this information because it isn’t popular in the mainstream (by design), we need to work together to MAKE this mainstream! Send it to all of your friends, use social networking like facebook, be creative, put it as an annotation to on your popular YouTube videos, post it on your blog/website, make posters and put them around, letterbox drop links to the video, do whatever you can to spread the message!

The solutions are real world, tangible, possible things, not a utopian pipe dream like so many of the other solutions out there. This is something that if it went viral and became mainstream could drastically change the course of humanity. Aren’t you sick of waking up at 5, 6 or 7 in the morning to go to a crappy job you don’t even like? There is a better way of living that what we are doing and no one has to go without the highest quality organic foods if we just do things the correct way and this is outlined in the documentary!

The Virus Of Freedom (2013) HD

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