Information Warfare

Mobilisation, Action, Solutions and Peaceful Resistance.

People of Earth… Listen Carefully!

“People of the Earth, listen carefully!

As you know, some very strange events have been taking place recently. Your entire planet is being destroyed at the hands of the NWO, many of you are doubting if any of this is happening, but I can assure you that this is NOT a dream!!

Unfortunately the NWO is still alive and the earth is in great danger. A small group of warriors have taken up the fight on your behalf however the battle has been extremely difficult and we cannot win it by ourselves!

That is why I am speaking to you right now! to ask for your help! if all of you would raise your hands up to the sky and offer a portion of your energy we could use it to destroy the NWO once and for all!

NO more being slaughtered like sacrificial lambs! Consider this your first small strive towards becoming a warrior race!

Now… lets begin! RAISE your hands up!! NOW!!!”

– Vegeta


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