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Simple World Peace Solution At Last! I Urge You To Read!

World peace is an ideal that almost everyone can resonate with.

The majority of people assume because a solution to world peace hasn’t become known in the mainstream that the solution would be elusive and complex, requiring university degrees and other marks of indoctrination. In actual fact the solution is quite simple. It exists as a possibility at all times and in all moments.

In the past before light bulbs were invented, the possibility existed for them to be invented at all times, it was only until someone did it that they came into reality.

At this point in history we have all of the information, technology and ability necessary to start creating paradise and world peace.

At this point in history it looks as though we have two options: paradise or extinction.

Simple Solutions

Did you know that fungi can effectively clean up radiation, oil spills, industrial waste by products rendering them inert? All of these things can be taken care of in a much safer and more effective way.

We truly have a solid way of restoring this planet.

This concept in combination with permaculture can help restore this planet.

Part of our solution is Permaculture, which you may have heard of. It’s a GROUNDBREAKING food production method that mimics the patterns of nature and uses intelligent, efficient design. We talk about it more in our new documentary.

Did you know that Africans are being taught this information and are implementing it RIGHT NOW and reaping the benefits? Forests of mangoes, bananas, herbs, greens, vegetables and other delicious, free, organic, live giving produce full of vitamins, minerals and other health promoting constituents.

The Last Generation That Can – World Peace Action Plan Documentary!

I urge you to watch our documentary The Last Generation That Can, a documentary designed to create world peace.

We created this documentary with the intention of bringing what we consider essential information together into one easy-to-understand package.

Here it is on YouTube:
MUST SHARE – The Last Generation That Can (2013) HD

Why It Can And Will Work If You Participate

What is great about this documentary is it isn’t some utopian pipe dream future that is unattainable. This is real, reality based, documented to work and it can happen RIGHT NOW. Anyone at any moment has the ability to just start implementing these ideas. We don’t have to wait for government or the system to pass regulations we just DO IT.

Enough with these self imposed chains holding us down. Enough with the invisible cage limiting our perspective. Enough with waking up at 6 o’clock to go to work for a corporation you don’t like to get paid money to buy food from corporations that are essentially poisoning the food you eat which makes you sick so you go to the doctor because the television told you so and he gives you a pill which is proven to cause more harm than good and it’s just downhill from there.

Cut out the middle man. You want money for food! Well this is where it’s at, this is real. Money is an illusion and is incredibly limiting considering human energy is what makes our world – not money.

Imagine if beautiful food producing forests existed everywhere, unique to every climate. Imagine you didn’t have to pay for food anymore. Imagine if everyone was eating free organic produce so we can by default be the healthiest, truest expressions of ourselves? What would you do with your life if you weren’t constrained to a job purely for the money? Your true desires can be fulfilled if we had the foundations of a free world… and we have everything necessary to make that right now!

It has been documented that permaculture can RE-GREEN deserts. It used mushrooms to do so. It made the salt in the desert inert. Mushrooms can clean up Fukushima and all of these other toxic disasters created by industry. This is BIG NEWS, WHY ISN’T THIS MAINSTREAM? WHY ISN’T THIS EVERYWHERE? Well… this documentary tells you why that is as well.

We already have the information (permaculture), ability and reason to create such a paradise along side with other ideas such as aquaponics and more efficient styles of gardening.

In fact we are already exerting the same amount of energy required to create this paradise, but instead we channel our energy into corporations with immoral agendas that threaten us all!

At this point in history it is also looking like we have that option or the down fall of humanity. Change… or extinction… Our current path is destined to fail, but if humanity empowers themselves with a holistic perspective I know we can change the world for the better.

If we share this documentary it can become a success! But we must participate!!

Here it is on YouTube:
MUST SHARE – The Last Generation That Can (2013) HD

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