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Consciously Creating Vs. Unconsciously Creating

We all wield the power to create. We all have within us the potential to do whatever we want to do. If you dedicated right now you could gain lots of muscle, you could cure yourself of cancer, lose weight, eat healthier, become a talented musician, talented actor, skilled sportsman, you can learn any skill necessary and you can deconstruct things that do not serve you anymore.

Consciously Creating Vs. Unconsciously Creating

Consciously creating involves thinking about the consequences of your actions before you take them. Instead of eating fast food you look up the ingredients list and see that there is absolutely no reason to eat fast food. You can make healthy version of these fast food meals. Instead of a Mcdonalds burger you can get organic ingredients and make a much taster and healthier meal.

Consciously we can decide to start doing good things now so they grow into something much bigger. Our new documentary The Virus Of Freedom explains how we can consciously change the world in a positive way.

You need to ask yourself what is the job you are working contributing to? Does it benefit man kind as a whole or do you work for a corporation that profits at the expense of our general health and well being? Do you want to contribute to this?

Most people do not want to contribute to this but are unaware or unconsciously creating. An example is working somewhere where food is sold, does the food contain GMO? Does it contain other toxins?

There are of course other ways that our jobs can be damaging. Our jobs can contribute in various ways to the degradation of the planet and life itself. No longer is working just for the money going to cut it. There are other ways to do things that are holistic and heal all.

Human Energy

We work for corporations for money to buy food from corporations that poison our food. What kind of system or mindset is this? You give the best years of your life to these corporations who chew you up and spit you out and the result is most commonly a more polluted world and a more polluted mind and body of the general public.

Money is a representation of human energy, you choose where the energy goes. Instead of working for a currency that is being devalued more and more each passing day put your energy into the real world. Money did not build this world! Humans created everything we have come to know. All of the buildings, cars, weapons of war, chemicals, fast food and all of this stuff is man made.

Great Information.. How Does This Affect The Real World?

With this knowledge we see that what we put our mind to we do, so why not put our mind to something more holistic and long term sustainable? The same energy put into maintaining lawns (mowing, fertilizer, watering, etc.) and maintaining essentially useless ornamental plants can be put into establishing permaculture food forest “Garden of Eden” style paradises for us all.

It won’t take extra work, the energy is already being used! Just direct it to more efficient and more logical places.

Please watch these videos to see the possibilities of reality:

Establishing a Food Forest

Greening The Desert

Practical Aquaponics

Urban Permaculture

If these concepts interest you then check out our documentary The Virus Of Freedom!

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