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THE Solution – World Peace Is Within Our Grasp

The Last Generation That Can:

If you will please allow me a moment of your time:

We have the capability to create Peace on Earth and destroy the New World Order! Truly. The problem we face is the general public is so oblivious to everything going on. People are living in an embedded, illusory reality! People are so overwhelmed when presented with the truth. They do not comprehend it and if they do, they do not know who or where to turn to or what to do. They do not want to stand up and stand alone. They will ONLY participate when EVERYONE ELSE does. They follow because to lead would mean potential failure, and they FEAR failure.

People have fallen in love with their own servitude;

they like the “safety” the system purports to provide. They believe the system works and so: why change it? Why fix what is not broken? They cannot see beyond their compartmentalization to the reality that the system has been BUILT broken.

It is designed to collapse and take us with it. And we are witnessing this collapse take place before our eyes. And the globalists are accelerating the descent. We want to ascend!

People do not welcome the PRESSURE that comes with taking responsibility for their lives and destiny.

They do not believe in themselves enough to bring about this change! They do not see the necessity with which to do so! Our thoughts and actions create ripples that shape the future! Everything we do is a life changing event and a spiritual experience. We can radically change the future but only from actions we take in the NOW.

People cannot see PAST the system itself. People believe this system IS reality. But it is fictional! It is a game. It is propped up by our faith. Our acquiescence alone is allowing it to continue.

I assure you, there IS another way! There is a BETTER way of living that would liberate us all and grant us the ability to ascend and evolve. Ascension is going up, rather than going down. Doing what is right instead of what is wrong. Evolution is our souls evolution, it is our species’ continuation to something better and more prosperous and prolific. Our future at the moment is incredibly bleak, and no one can change this reality other than us. We are it!


What we need to do is present a single, ARTISTIC piece with the power and intention of a “red pill” and power of a “spirit bomb” that will summarise the entire situation we face globally. A summation of the situation. One, go-to film, taking into account everything necessary for an awakening and presented in a way humanity can appreciate AND understand.
Something that will motivate them! Something that cannot be rebutted! We must nip every rebuttal in the bud. And it must be short and snappy!

We need to illustrate the problems with society (the system itself is the problem. The system itself is a mindset that has been instilled in us all and is a prison we were born into), and we need to give the populations of this earth solutions and dictate how we must each operate to bring about this change.

This will ensure they are not left in the dark! If they are given the information and then left aiming blindly afterwards it will not be effective. They need an objective! We need to be mobilised!

Even we are guilty of not looking beyond this system. We say “Let’s defeat the New World Order!!” but this is aiming for the board itself. We want to hit THROUGH the board. We want to break the board and follow through with the same momentum into our bright future.

We need to commit to creating an environment that can sustain Peace and Love. An environment where life can flourish and where we can thrive!


Our current mindset is the result of propaganda, conditioning, programming, poisoning.
It is COMPLETELY in-organic. THINK OF THE MAGNITUDE OF THAT! Think about it!

Our perceptions create our reality! This is fact.

The New World Order is fundamentally about the distortion of perception and the suppression of that which is possible. The potential of this reality is so different to what we believe, I can guarantee it. We need humanity to believe in the idea presented in this PIECE OF ART, and to agree upon it and get behind it in mass-numbers.
We need people to ensure everyone they know watches it, and to do so with the expectation every other person in this movement will do likewise. We need to use this “red-pill” as a WEAPON!!

By doing this we will ensure the result is great; the momentum will push the truth into people’s conscious awareness and it will not be allowed to be hidden and people will be compelled to accept reality for what it is. We must put aside ALL our differences as subjective perspectives, and we must unite under our common bond. What is our common bond? Freedom! Love! Peace!

We can all agree upon these basic ideals. We are already striving for these but in the WRONG WAY. Our current system is futile and cannot ever provide these things!

This is why we must abandon it and create something better. We have been exponentially evolving over the past few centuries and I believe we will not stop yet! You cannot imprison and restrain something as powerful as the human mind eventually we will reach critical mass and the idea of freedom will be uncontrollable!

We are all infinite consciousness manifested. We are nothing at our core, and EVERYTHING in that!
We truly, literally, feasibly, genuinely CAN create PEACE ON EARTH! We are the last generation that CAN! I truly believe this! We are humanity’s last stand..

We need everyone to unite behind this one idea, and force it into the mainstream. To put everything on the line, lest they lose everything… On our current path, this conclusion is INEVITABLE! We need everyone to use their own platforms to expose this corruption and spread the truth.

Exposing this information supersedes all contractual obligations, all prior responsibilities, all prisons we impose, all preconceived belief systems. We need to abandon our FEAR! We need to be fearless warriors of love and liberty.

We need to release the technologies that will create a surge in our evolutionary development, which are currently being suppressed because multinational corporations want to maintain a monopoly. We need humanity to demand these technologies be released!!

WE NEED TO UTILISE HEMP! It is extremely versatile AND highly nutritious! It can even cure cancer!!
The potential of this world is so vast and great! The potential of human consciousness is infinite! We are capable of anything we put our hearts and souls and minds to!


I have created my own “Red-Pill” style movie. It is my attempt at what I have outlined above. It is called The Last Generation That Can. I believe within it is everything necessary to destroy the New World Order (as a concept) and create a buzz for liberty. If you do not agree with how it is presented you are free to create your own Red Pill style film but I feel we are on the cusp of extinction or salvation and running out of time!

I also have a 120 page E-Book exposing the Eugenics Agenda, fully sourced. It is a perfect addendum to the film I have created.

We must each take it personally if people refuse to watch and listen! Because it is more than insulting it is dangerous, reckless and with no regard for the consequences of such complacency. ALL OF US must participate! Now or never!! THIS IS IT!

All we need is YOU! Spreading this Idea!

I believe if prominent names in the truth movement, such as Alex Jones, David Icke, Maxwell Igan could all mobilise their listeners to share it then we will have a great effect!

We have a spiritual obligation and a moral duty to act. It sounds surreal but it is so real!

So Please Share and Enjoy: The Last Generation That Can.

One comment on “THE Solution – World Peace Is Within Our Grasp

  1. serti
    February 13, 2013

    Good movie!

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