Information Warfare

Mobilisation, Action, Solutions and Peaceful Resistance.

Post Workout Elixir

Once you finish your workout you probably will begin to feel hungry.

You want something to nourish you after all of the hard work you just did.
This Post Workout Elixir is excellent to drink before you eat your post workout meal.

Consuming this can help improve muscle recovery and reduce any post workout pain.



Simply mix all the ingredients in a cup of water and drink after your workout.

Since my chlorella was in tablet form I used the elixir to consume few tablets.

Extra Post Workout Tip:

After I finished my elixir I dissolved some sea salt, bicarb soda and some organic chocolate into some water and then made a foot soak which I used for about 30 minutes. The chocolate contains magnesium. Magnesium has relaxing effects which are useful post workout. The minerals from the bi carb and sea salt also relax the body.

New 2013 Documentary – The Virus Of Freedom

Designed to create world peace, it contains information that can radically change your perspective.

It brings together what we consider essential information into one package. Never before have these ideas come together.

Watch For Free:

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