Information Warfare

Mobilisation, Action, Solutions and Peaceful Resistance.

NEW FILM – The Virus of Freedom (2013) HD

THE VIRUS OF FREEDOM: How to Destroy the New World Order and Create World Peace and Abundance RIGHT NOW!!


It may just change your life. It may just be the answer to EVERY PROBLEM we face!

And please receive this in the spirit it was given: Hope, Peace, Necessity and LOVE.

0:00 Prologue
4:20 Introduction
11:40 What Is Reality
17:20 Who Are We?
22:22 Perceptions on Reality
26:55 What Is Eugenics?
32:00 What Is The New World Order?
35:45 What Is Money?
39:40 Why Are We Here?
45:45 What Are We Here To Do?
49:40 The Re-Humanisation Diet
58:40 The Power Of IDEAS
1:00:30 Permaculture
1:07:48 Epilogue
1:16:48 ADDENDUM: What Does A Free World Look Like?

Which Path Are YOU Currently Walking?

Wouldn’t YOU Want To Go In The RIGHT Direction?

Can We Unite Under The Common Idea Of FREEDOM??

Please Download the Script Here:

Please Download our Free E-Book Here:

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