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How Permaculture Can Establish The Foundations Of A Free World

What Is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a mindset, a way of looking at things. By noticing patterns in nature use those same designs in our own gardens to make nature work for us instead of against us. Part of permaculture is companion planting.

Companion planting has been known for a long time and is only one aspect of permaculture. Companion planting is a process of grouping plants that benefit each other. Some deter pests, some attract predator insects to attack pests, some improve growth/taste/fragrance of other plants and many more effect.

Permaculture also uses layered gardening to get the most out of ground space.

Why Do We Need Permaculture?

The Earth and everyone on it right now is being effected by every action we make.

Currently people are working for corporations that are poisoning the planet for money to buy food from these very same corporations that have poisoned the food (GMO, pesticides, toxic ingredients, etc.) This very food is the thing that is making us so sick and obese.

Many people do not understand just how much the food and beverages you consume effect the way you perceive reality.  The best foods to eat are fresh organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, eggs, dairy, grains, herbs and greens. Most processed food is full of toxins that people are not aware of.

Permaculture can supply us with everything we need for free and organic. These forests are self sustaining so work will quickly pay for itself in abundant life giving produce.

How Can Permaculture Benefit Mankind And The Earth?

We are in a position at the moment as a species that feels nearly impossible to get out of. Permaculture is part of the solution but it is not the whole solution. There are many ideas like aquaponics, tower gardening and many other ideas and inventions that can holistically benefit humanity and the planet.

We need to start taking back responsibility for our lives. Once we have permaculture food forests established we will be able to flourish as a species!

Permaculture has been shown to REGREEN DESERTS! It is truly amazing! This shows the potential for us to feed ourselves.

Please watch this short film ‘Regreening The Desert’:

Africans at this moment are learning to use permaculture and nature to their advantage. Money has failed them but nature will always provide abundance if we have the knowledge. They are growing mangoes, bananas, medicinal plants and many more delicious fresh foods:

Just think of the possibilities! We could create this right now! This isn’t some futuristic utopian pipe dream this is real! This can happen! Reality will allow this we just need to consciously create instead of unconsciously creating.

Heal The Earth, Heal Myself, A Self Sustaining Future For Generations To Come

Once we start to learn about the possibilities we start to wonder why we haven’t done this yet. It’s not because it doesn’t work because if you look you find many people having success with permaculture. We just never hear about it, you will never hear about this on the television. You should though! This should be taught in schools!

Our forests will be unique because we all have our own individuality.

Machines can be used to get the job done if it means getting the job done faster.

The sooner these forests are established, the quicker you will start getting results.

Imagine in just 10 years or less if everyone started this how beautiful the world could be, covered in food producing crops. No one would have to go hungry.

Work would be done out of genuinely wanting to do something not because we are forced to work to eat to live.

Superfoods would be available everywhere! Everyone can use these healing medicines for free, just the way it should be.

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