Information Warfare

Mobilisation, Action, Solutions and Peaceful Resistance.

Let me Break it All Down for You, Okay.

We all have consumed copious amounts of mind-altering substances. Naturally, consuming hallucinogens that change our perception on reality daily, with consistent usage over our entire lifetime is not conducive to a healthy organism. Nor is it conducive to an organic, ACCURATE subjective perception on reality.


How you perceive reality has been distorted biologically.


It is incredibly easy to manipulate a person’s biology to behave and perceive a particular way.


And the desired way they want us behaving is like a herd of docile, ignorant, oblivious, distracted, weak, sexually ambiguous, compartmentalized, indoctrinated, conditioned, programmed sheep.


Mind altering substances. They have altered our minds, my friends. Do you understand these words? You do? Good!


The mind is how we perceive reality. Our perception of reality, listen to the words there. Do you understand what that means? Do you understand what I am talking about? Are you that brain dead? Has the poison been that effective? It hasn’t? THEN PAY ATTENTION!!!


Listen to me. This can all be undone! THIS CAN ALL BE REVERSED!


But first YOU MUST admit the way you perceive reality has been completely manipulated.  Understand how you view reality itself is CONTROLLED BY EUGENICISTS!


Understand manipulating our perception is incredibly easy. This is not a fartetched concept.


What makes this agenda so diabolical is they not only manipulate us biologically and physiologically, but psychologically, spiritually. It is done scientifically and militarily.


Once you accept this fact and are willing to take this all on board, you say


“Ok, everything I am perceiving right now, all my senses are manipulated. So what I am experiencing, my consciousness, which is now no longer a consciousness as it is in a prison of ego and restrained and restricted; what I am experiencing is actually completely false and fiction in what is actually OBJECTIVELY REAL.


And my refusal to grasp such concepts and remain ignorance is ensuring my entire species demise.”


So once you start taking this on board, you start wanting to find out, okay, WHAT THE FUCK have I been consuming over the course of my entire lifetime, what has this done to me? Then you start researching all that, but you say


“You know, I am not going to focus on the negative, I am actually going to accept this, I am not going to deny it in fear, I am going to take it on board, admit it, understand by admitting mistakes I am and we are going to move forwards and progress, and we remedy it.”


We make progress.


We see, well okay I have been consuming fluoride, this was used in Nazi concentration camps to pacify the captives and repress dissent. This is what this substance does, okay. THIS is how to solve this problem. And you MAKE SURE YOU remedy it! NO ONE ELSE WILL!


YOU want to be thinking “What is possible? What is achievable? What can I BE without these poisons? What kind of abilities are achievable? Evolutionary abilities, which we may have had in the past millennia ago, which have been bred out of us with this system which has enslaved us for millennia to varying degrees.


Once you start asking, okay, what is achievable, you start wanting to know HOW HEALTHY can I actually become? What does it feel like to be amazingly healthy? HAVE I EVER KNOWN!?


So you start incorporating superfoods into your diet, you start eating a diet full of organic produce, you grow your own garden, you eliminate all eugenics poisons.


We can bring about heaven on earth within ONE decade, I promise you. I want free energy devices to stop being suppressed and dominate, this can be done. Why is it being suppressed, because of money.


Because the multinational corporations want to maintain a stranglehold, maintain a monopoly.


Lose your faith in money, what is it!? FICTION BACKED BY HUMAN ENERGY! WE ARE WHAT MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND NOT MONEY! They are colourful bits of paper or plastic, with a number on it and usually some satanic symbol on it. I mean how ominous is it in America they have a triangle with an eye looking at you saying New Order of the Ages in Latin. Excuse me!? WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE EXCHANGING HERE!?!? BREAK YOUR CONDITIONING! Things are not as they appear.


Again I bring you back to your PERCEPTION ON REALITY, do you understand these terms? Are you that far gone? Are you that desensitized? YOUR REALITY. WRONG. MANIPULATED. WAKE UP.


We cannot deny we have been brainwashed. This is what is known as cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias. These substances have been in our diet our entire lives, we have been watching the television our entire life, you went to the same schools as me., we were given the same propagandized curriculum, you got the same vaccines as me, and why? Because we were kids, we were forced to do it. You were put in the same line as me! We cannot deny this.


I am sick of hearing peoples bullshit quite frankly. And I know we can change it together everyone. It will take your participation, personally. I was wrong, I was consuming these poisons, watching the television, I just thought, you know what? “Why the hell would I want to CONTINUE consuming such poison?” This is also a word we must familiarize ourselves with, as we have been desensitized to it.


POISON. I would define it as something you never want inside your body on a daily basis over the course of a lifetime at the expense of an enjoyable, organic life. It is toxic. It kills. It shortens life span. Not only does it cut your life span but the life you do lead will be tortured, humiliating, horrible, why would you want to lead this horrible life? And why would you want to pass on that gene to your progeny, knowing that your progenies progeny will be 100% sterile, and why? Because everyone is consuming GM foods, why? Because we have allowed them to put these in our diets, why? Coz no one is paying attention, why? Coz they are altering our perception on reality, why? Because they are eugenicists, why? Because they are insecure freaks, why?


Keep asking that question, we must get to the bottom of everything! Why are they insecure, who knows, could it be because they are the result of inbreeding? They buy into the lie that evil is powerful when in reality it is an illusion? Who knows, they are continuing their agenda though. The agenda is depopulation. You personally, and everyone you love, are in their targets.


And no one is challenging them so they keep trying to see how much they can get away with. Come on everyone, enough is enough alright. Please, answer me this, what are you doing?


You cannot possibly be enjoying life in this mundane system that suppresses artistic self-expression and encourages conformity and is slowly exterminating everyone BY DESIGN. WE HAVE THE DOCUMENTS!


Do you realize how destructive and disturbing the lives we lead are compared to what we can feasibly create so easily if we share this movie. We will provide the solution to everyone’s problems.


How do I know this? Because everyone’s problems can all be traced back to the system itself, and the system is just an idea which humans created, and thus humans JUST LIKE YOU AND ME can replace it with a much better system, and we have the technology, manpower and mindset to do so right NOW.


This system is ridiculous and stupid. Am I right? Prove me wrong. You can’t. Accept it. Stop being offended.


My friends!!


Why are we here? Why are we in this situation? What are we here to do? Who are we, really? You know it inside you… You know the answers. You just have to understand them. You just need to search a tiny bit harder, you have to care enough to understand. Because of the nature of how we each view reality, it will always remain a question of faith.


So ultimately I am asking you, do you trust me?


Please Share,




It cannot be contained once it has been unleashed.


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