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Anti GMO Shopping List – How To Avoid Poison – How To Save The World (VIDEO)

Most people know the current state of the world is messed up.

The status quo promotes toxic foods and toxic thoughts.

This video tells you how to avoid GMOs in processed food and save the world.

Check out these information articles/booklets for more info on things discussed:

If you research at all into the current state of processed food you will find that most processed foods contain genetically modified ingredients, MSG hiding under many names, artificial sweeteners, plus many other dangerous ingredients including industrial waste by products.

The dangers of genetically modified foods are obvious from the start. Think about the concept of man tampering with the very genetic expression of something then eating it.

GMOs have been shown to cause cancerous tumors, allergies and various other disorders in the body. We truly do not know the extent of the damage done. The best thing you can do now is learn about these ingredients and avoid them at all costs!

The most commonly GM crops are corn, cottonseed, canola, soy, rice, sugar cane, potatoes, tomatoes and papayas. You are not likely to pick up GM produce, it is mostly in processed foods.

The best way to avoid GMO is to buy heirloom organic vegetables. Organic is also good.

In processed foods you see ingredients like Color 103, Artificial Sweetener 956, Anti Caking Agent, Food Acid 330.

There is potential for anything to be derived from GMOs. Citric acid can be made from corn.

The way to avoid things like this is to research each ingredient you don’t understand. This is CRITICAL! You must be vigilant with this if you want to avoid toxic ingredients.

Stop buying brands that are toxic. If enough people do this they will be forced to change.

GM crops are subsidized by government this gives them an advantage. Many people grow thing to get more money but ultimately it is pointless.

The science is corrupt and there are conflicts of interest between big GM companies like Monsanto and regulatory agencies like the FDA.

What Are GMOs?

GMO or genetically modified organisms are just what they sound like. The genes of these plants have been altered by a corporation for profit. They have “desirable traits”.

Some of these traits include:

Crops that produce a pesticide inside each cell. Bacteria is spliced into its genes by a scientist who has no grasp on the implications of creating such a thing.

They are so focused on profit they have released plants that produce pesticide in every cell of its being. Insects die eating this stuff but we eat it no questions asked.

Another common trait of GMO crops is resistance to highly toxic herbicides that kill everything in its path except GMO crops. Monsanto roundup has been linked to massive drops in fertility when in contact with the tiniest minute particle. It has been linked to tumor growth.

With this resistance trait they can be doused in herbicide and they will be fine.

Other traits have been added to their patented life too. Terminator seeds. You buy seeds from them and the the seeds produced off of those plants are designed to not grow. You have to keep buying from Monsanto. Does this benefit mankind as a whole? No. They are trying to control life itself.

They splice genes from bacteria, viruses, insects, fish, animals, plants and who knows what else with the crop they are trying to modify.

This is another idiotic approach to feeding the world. Very unsafe and untested on humans.

Many people like the idea of saving the Earth but then they might believe we need GMOs to feed everyone. This is simply not true.

What do you think spraying highly toxic chemicals into the Earth is going to do? Long term is that sustainable? This is to all of the fake environmental movement that ignore the real problems and buy into the mainstream lies.

Here Is The True Solution

Why not establish permaculture food forests? Check out these other videos on the screen (all my permacutlure videos and geoff lawton dvd promo)

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