Information Warfare

Mobilisation, Action, Solutions and Peaceful Resistance.

What Are We Losing!?


Many people feel they cannot act upon this information because they have too much to lose! They feel they have too big a reputation, too much invested in their career and too much invested in this system. This system is obsolete! They feel they have too much to lose all while we lose EVERYTHING that actually MATTERS.


Because what are the basics of life? Freedom. Life. Health. Love. Peace. Water. Food. Nature.


What are we losing? ALL THAT! Trust me on this. Faster than you think!


We have everything else but at the end of the day we are losing that which matters most!


These people have not realized there is ANOTHER WAY! We can live OTHERWISE! We do not have to enslave our race to this indebting economic system anymore. We have outgrown it!!


We have outgrown the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, we will outgrow this age.


Our documentary “The Virus of Freedom” should transcend everything. It was designed to. It has also been designed as a virus, which each one of us must participate in spreading. Make it viral!


If we can look past the superficialities on the surface to the core message and the idea itself and use this film as the tool it was designed to be and stand as ONE then we can truly create ABUNDANCE for all. Worldwide Peace and Love is now ENTIRELY UP TO YOU PERSONALLY!!


Can you not click a button?


It is not about the presentation of the message or the messenger, it is about discovering, at heart, what are we trying to accomplish? What are trying to convey with this film?


I know the current world leaders are slick and have millions of dollars backing them, but you must discover what THEY are accomplishing and conveying? It is death. It is disease. It is population control. It is WORLD DOMINATION. It is OUR EXTINCTION! Do you see? The difference in our conclusions?


Why follow them off a cliff when I can guarantee you salvation?


I am a soul like you, I walk on this earth with you, and we share it with each other. Please I ask you to resonate with the intention behind these words. Do not be afraid of admitting we have been misled for when we admit our mistakes we can move forward.


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