Information Warfare

Mobilisation, Action, Solutions and Peaceful Resistance.

The Virus of Freedom

The society we live in is the best we can think of, it is the best we
can do! It is fair, it is reasonable. It provides for all and we are
definitely going in the right direction as a species. This is exactly
what I thought life would be like when I was a child! I can’t wait to
live the rest of my life in this horrible system! We can trust the
government, we are free and we live the lives we choose to, we follow
our dreams… while most of us would like to believe this,
unfortunately… the REALITY is.

The world we have grown accustomed to is based around an imaginary set
of rules and a series of limitations that are entirely fictional.
Society isn’t real. Think about it. What gives this society credence?
Our faith. Human consciousness is real! Human energy is what is real.
Love is real! And yet we roll over to the perceived “immensity” of
this system because we believe we are just one person, we cannot
change the world, right? Wrong! Who else COULD!?

Systems can change! WE must change them. But things continue to remain
the same because we continue to operate within the system to attain
freedom from it, this is futile. You have everything inside you
necessary to save this world and I will ensure you are armed with the

This system is designed to confuse, and strip you of your independence
and power. We were born into this prison and told to blindly obey or
else we are ostracized and outcast because the system is the new
religion, but you must ask if we are NOT then just WHO IS designing
this society of ours? Just where do we fit in? Who is actually running
our world, everyone?  And to What End?

What if we had such a bright future within our grasp? What if with
your participation in this project, we could create the Garden of Eden
worldwide?! Heaven. Literally. And what if by refusing to participate
we would bring about Hell on Earth? Do you know what Eugenics is!?

I need you to help us create Heaven on Earth! This is what this film
is about. And why not? Don’t you WANT IT!? You need it! I’m offering
it! Take it! I assure you it can be done! I promise you! There is
absolutely nothing to it! We do not need to do much to create complete
paradise for every single organism. This is 100% achievable!

Do you know the one thing we need to make this successful? The one thing!?

You. Sharing this. It is as simple as that. This is not about
politics, this is not about race, religion, rank, this is about Life
ITSELF and Love; this is about survival and evolution of our species.
This is NOT ABOUT fame or money, but uniting the spirit that connects
us. We are more than we are! Please break down all that which keeps us
divided, it is all illusory.

Division plays into their hands. I have a
plan and You are vital to its success.


If you share it I know it will work. It is up to you to make the commitment. And to commit you need only share this trailer. If enough people share this film, and we follow the
design, I can guarantee the result will be a complete utopia, a life
that requires you to give less effort then you are currently exerting
for an even greater return. Abundance! With ease! This film will end
all our problems.

And some will disregard this because they doubt their own capabilities
or potential. Most have not realized the necessity with which this
information is being broadcast, the seriousness, the need to act and
the simplicity of this solution!

Most people want to keep their head down and follow the leader. I am
giving us the opportunity to stand as equal leaders, equal creators
and equal participants on an even playing field. With these
foundations in place we can explore the universe together! Advance! We
are still stuck in an old age. The more people who share this, the
more successful we will be.

Share it or don’t. But if you choose not to, ask yourself why am I NOT
participating in reality? Is it fear? Are you too proud to admit being
misled? Too scared of admitting what has been done? What is it? Tell
me! I guarantee you peace, love, freedom, abundance and health if this
idea is.

People think the system they are engrained in now IS reality because
everyone else does. Why couldn’t a better idea arise? Out of the ashes
of this current paradigm? What if it already has? What if we were all
kept shrouded from the truth and the solutions? What if this idea was
necessary to save mankind? What if this was the moment in history we
turned this all around? It very well could be! Can we do this!? I
think we can!

We are the last generation that can do something, I truly believe
this. We are humanity’s last stand, everyone.  So please share this
Trailer! It may be the best opportunity we have.

We have reached a pivotal cross roads humanity, one path leads to our
salvation, the other, our extinction. Both paths will follow a design,
nothing is by chance. The question is, are you willing to break your
conditioning, unlearn the lies you have been taught, share this movie
and walk the brighter path of self-empowerment and spiritual growth?

Coming Soon

The Virus of Freedom: It Cannot be Contained once it has been
Unleashed, you must unleash it.

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