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Natural News Store Superfood Sale – Up To 45% Off

( Election Day is an elaborate production of political theater in which people who have been designated economic slaves by the banker-class elite are allowed to participate in the delusion that they are in control of the nation.

It’s such an extravagant piece of finely-orchestrated theater that the delusion itself is almost worth celebrating! And since both Obama and Romney will pursue economic policies that steal more dollars out of your pockets and hand them over to rich bankers, we’ve gone to great lengths to put some money back into your pockets by slashing prices on storable superfoods for the next 72 hours!

Save up to 45% on these specials, good through Thursday night at midnight:

• Combination pack: Organic Chia Seed + Organic Coconut Sugar at a special discount. (Save 14%)

• Organic Rooibos Tea Powder (16 oz.). (Save 45%!)

RAW Organic Goji Berries (16 oz). (Save 34%!)

• Organic Freeze Dried Acai Powder (8 oz.). (Save 29%!)

• Organic RAW Mesquite Flour (16 oz.). (Save 36%!)

• Natural Attitude Turmerictincture(Save 25%)

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