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Pure Effect Fluoride Water Filter Review

I am obsessed with water quality. For the past few years I have bought purified water in a cask and it has grown to be too expensive.

I wanted to remove fluoride, heavy metals and radiation from my water. These are the most difficult to remove things from our water. Luckily Pure Effect Filters get rid of it all!

Is Fluoride Good For Us Or Not?

As you may have heard fluoride is incredibly damaging to our bodies. It acts topically not systemically so it is not necessary to ingest. Ingesting fluoride  has been shown to lower IQ, up chances of bone fractures, increased likelihood of  arthritis like conditions, birth defects and more.

This Video Explains Why You Should Avoid Fluoride:

Where Does Fluoride Come From?
This comes as no surprise when you look at where sodium fluoride actually comes from. Sodium fluoride is an industrial waste byproduct.  Sodium fluoride is industrial grade (not pharmaceutical) and often contains residues of toxic heavy metals like lead, arsenic and various radioactive substances that our bodies cannot remove easily. These toxins accumulate in our bodies and damage us over and over again throughout our lives.

What Else Is In Tap Water?

Along with fluoride there are a host of other toxic additives in tap water which you must avoid to be healthy. Drug residues are found in tap water. People take pharmaceutical drugs and they go through our body and we expel them. This water is filtered and put back into the water supply but many of the contaminants are not removed.

These drugs in the water interact. You know combining drugs is dangerous. Tap water contains a slurry of drugs that can cause a variety of conditions! Antidepressants have been found in tap water and have been shown to actually increase depression and suicidal tendencies. Heart medication, diabetes medication, blood pressure medication. The list goes on and you will want to avoid these!
With all of these drugs combined tap water can actually be considered psychoactive/hallucinogenic!
Now if this wasn’t enough, with the recent Fukushima tragedy there are large amounts of radiation in our atmosphere which can contaminate our water supply. There are countless reports of radioactive particles being found in tap water.

Pure Effect Filters actually get rid of radiation!

The Verdict:
These filters get rid of fluoride, chlorine, radiation, drug residues, heavy metals and all other contaminants better than any other filter I have seen.

It removes all bad odor and taste. They also alkalize and remineralize the water to give you even more of a health boost.

I have noticed my pets love this water way more than tap water or boxed water. Animals have an instinctive knowing that many of us have lost.



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