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Smokers Protection – How To Reduce The Damage Done By Smoking

If you chose to smoke that is your choice. Damage done by smoke can be reduced if you eat a healthy diet.

Healthy foods contain antioxidants that protect your body from oxidization. Depending on what you smoke any number of toxic things could go into your body. By having a nutritional barrier you can significantly reduce the amount of damage done.

Lifestyle factors can also heal you or damage you. Certain practices can help reduce the amount of damage you receive from smoking.

Here are some great things you can do to protect yourself:

  • Eat plenty of ginger and turmeric. These are powerful and will protect your body.
  • Leafy greens are nutrient dense. Get a variety of leafy greens in your diet. Be sure to buy organic because conventionally grown greens are often laden with pesticides.
  • Herbal teas are a great way to get herbs into your system. Since the herbs are in a liquid form they are highly absorbable and get straight to work.
  • Exercise will increase your lung capacity. This is important if you smoke.
  • Tap water contains many chemicals that are extremely harmful to our bodies. Most tap water contains fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, drug residues (anti depressants and various others that don’t mix well.) You can pretty much say this water is hallucinogenic. It is certainly psychoactive. It is recommended you filter your tap water you live in a fluoridated area or if you are unsure of the waters purity. This will lower your bodies workload so it can put more effort into protecting you from other things.
  • Basically the way to best protect yourself is to do the right things for your body. It makes sense to eat healthy. Check out this HEALTH GUIDE FOR MORE TIPS!

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