Information Warfare

Mobilisation, Action, Solutions and Peaceful Resistance.

Be Your Potential

The thing about reality is… reality is. It is! Reality is real.
And your name is not. Your name is fictional. You are not your name! You are not. You are not how much money you have. You are not your job. You are not your ego. You are not your Facebook page.

You are infinite potential! You are nothing, no one and everything.

Do you understand? You are not your name. This is something external to yourself which is applied to you. If you change your name will you be different? If you delete your Facebook account will you be different? If you got rid of all your money, would you be different? You are still the same consciousness you were before. You are consciousness manifested in reality to have a subjective experience in this objective reality which we share with all other organisms. And all these external attributes do nothing but lock us in artificial prisons.

You have the possibility to be anything you want at any given time. It’s so cool. Be infinite potential.

Abandon all artificial social constructs.

Abandon all preconceived notions.

Abandon all external appearances.

Follow your Heart and Soul, trust your gut and consult your mind, and ask your higher self/the universe/ god/ source. Your heart is your compass. It will not lead you astray.

Most of us will do anything for an easy life. We are willing to accept the status quo over true freedom despite it ensuring our extinction. We’re willing to accept inactivity over productivity. We prefer, sometimes, for nothing to happen because it means we don’t have to prime ourselves for confrontation or disappointment. Distancing yourself from something is an option, but by doing so, you’re delaying a process that wants to provide comfort and reassurance you need. And this process happens to be the only thing in this entire world that matters I believe.

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