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Pine Pollen Health Benefits

Pine pollen can be collected in a short window of opportunity around autumn to spring. Each tree will differ to when it produces pollen. Once that time is gone you can still buy it online here.

Pine pollen is a nutritional powerhouse. It is a complete protein.

Pine pollen is packed with anti aging goodness which activates your bodies natural healing mechanism bringing youth.

Pine pollen is rich in potent consituents including omega fatty acids, zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium, silicon and many more.

Pine pollen naturally boosts testosterone! This is great if you have been contaminated with BPA which is an artificial estrogen mimicker.

Pine pollen contains polysaccharides which are long chain complex sugars. These sugars function different to regular sugar and have powerful health effects on the body.

Pine pollen is a truly unique food that everyone should try!

Enjoy the adaptogenic benefits today!

You Can Buy Pine Pollen Here

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