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How To Make Herbal Tea

How to Make Fresh, Organic, Herbal Tea from Wild Ingredients found right in your own Back Yard!

Make sure to use PURIFIED WATER!

If you have not already got a filter for your tap feel free to browse this list of water filters. These filters can remove dangerous chemicals such as Fluoride, Radiation and Heavy Metals.

If you’re not sure why to use purified water click here for more info.

Ingredients Include (information about herbs below):
Dandelion Flowers and Leaves
Stinging Nettle
Pine Needles


1. Collect whichever herbs you want to add and cut them up finely.

2. Simmer for 25 minutes on a Low heat (so you do not destroy vital nutrients, which would defeat the purpose of this healing brew)

3. Remove from the heat and allow to steep for a further 10-15.

4. Honey is optional! Though I recommend it because it tastes divine.

Details about Each Individual Herb can be found BELOW:


Olive Leaf:

Stinging Nettle:






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