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Health Benefits And Uses Of Mint

Mint tastes great in a variety of dishes.

Use it in smoothies, meat dishes, tea, juice, rice, anything.

Mint has amazing health benefits.

It is especially well known to soothe a sore stomach. This is because of strong penetrating aroma, anti viral and anti septic properties. These same properties make it an effective cold treatment or any infectious disease.

Mint has been shown to help with headaches. The smell of mint is very calming/relaxing try chewing on a couple of mint leaves next time you get a headache.

Mint is used in toothpaste for a reason. The antiviral, anti fungal, anti bacterial properties are useful for cleaning the mouth. The aromas destroy mucus and destroys buildups.

Washing your face with mint tea or mint juice can help with pimples/acne.

Mint can easily be cultivated in your garden. Grow some mint to enjoy the benefits or buy it here.


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