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Health Benefits Of Cow Colostrum

  • Colostrum is the milk produced after an animal gives birth. The most common colostrum consumed by humans is cow colostrum.
  • Cow colostrum holds many benefits to humans. It is a great source of healthy fat and protein.
  • Colostrum has been shown to increase immunity in those who consume it. It is like a natural vaccine without the dangerous side effects of vaccines (such as mercury and other dangerous ingredients). Cows are exposed to various pathogens while eating on a pasture and they produce antibodies to these pathogens which is passed on through the colostrum.
  • These antibodies are meant for baby cows to consume to boost their immune system at birth. This will work for humans and other animals. These same antibodies can help you with allergies.
  • Colostrum is incredibly useful for athletes as it assists recovery. Part of the recovery comes from the various growth factors within colostrum. These growth factors assist the growth of muscle, hair, nails, skin, joints, bone, cartilage and various other things in our body.
  • As we grow older it becomes harder and harder to grow these tissues. Colostrum can help everyone from young to old!
  • Colostrum also contains probiotics which help digestion. Colostrum also contains prebiotics which help feed the probiotics.
  • Colostrum can be considered a complete food. It contains almost everything needed to sustain life. It contains a so many health promoting constituents that I cannot cover them all in one article.
  • Colostrum as part of a balanced diet will greatly improve your health.
  • Colostrum actually tastes great. It has a really mild, almost sweet flavor which works great in smoothies to add extra thickness and nutrition.

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