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BPA – Bisphenol A – Testosterone has been accorded vast powers, as the libido hormone, the aggression hormone, the dominance hormone…


The attack on our fertility is a common feature in many aspects of today’s society. You may also have heard before of the compound Bisphenol A (BPA). Many have spoken out about it, and it has been the subject of recent uproar worldwide. The driving force behind this uproar is the presence of BPA in children’s, specifically babies’ bottles. However, it is found in a multitude of the things we use each and every day.

Take a look around you, at the world you’ve come to know. Different isn’t it. The effects of BPA are quite alarming, especially when in cahoots with the other poisons deliberately forced on the public. Bisphenol A is a chemical compound originally discovered in 1891.

It is used as many plastics these days (bottles, CDs, mobile phones, food storage), as well as the lining of all canned foods and liquids to prevent corrosion and food contamination. It can also be found in money, dental fillings, make-up and cosmetics, printer ink, store receipts, clothing and particularly in products specifically designed for children. It is identifiable and recognisable as a small 7 inside a triangle embossed on the plastic. Despite proven ill effects, BPA continues to be manufactured because it is considered cheap, lightweight, shatter-proof and offers other features that are supposedly hard to match, though there are many alternatives.

It took 40 odd years before the oestrogenicity of this polycarbonate plastic was noticed.

To put it bluntly, BPA mimics oestrogen. BPA is an endocrine disrupter, meaning it is a chemical that interferes with the hormone system in animals, including humans. It is essentially a synthetic hormone binding to the same receptors throughout the human body as natural female hormones.

Exposure to this compound can promote breast cancer growth and cancerous tumours. Countless studies have confirmed BPA is a significant catalyst for cardiovascular disease, depression, kidney and developmental problems and hyperactivity; as well as diabetes, early onset of puberty, permanent deformations of sexual organs and much more., These health risks go hand in hand with reducing testosterone.

The ester bond that links BPA monomers to one another to form a polymer is not stable and hence the polymer decays with time, releasing BPA into materials with which it comes into contact; for example food or water.

BPA leaches from plastics and resins when they are overused or exposed to high temperatures. If you use the plastics to store heated foods or liquids, the BPA leeches out at a rate 55 times than under normal conditions. Disturbingly so, BPA is widespread in microwaveable food containers (microwaves are, again, another issue entirely).

Canned goods are sterilised at up to 130 Celsius, thus the level of BPA released is horrendous, not to mention the fact that all the nutritional value of the food has been depleted at that temperature. A recent study found that people who ate canned soup for 5 days straight saw their urinary levels of BPA spike 1,200% compared to those who ate fresh soup. “The study suggests that canned foods may be an even greater concern, especially given their wide use.”
Another recent report discovered humans were being exposed to levels of the chemical at least 10 times what the EPA has deemed safe due to the amount of BPA detected in tissue and blood samples.

Data provided by the CDC indicates 93% of 2,157 people tested between the ages of 6 and 85 had detectable levels of BPA’s by-product glucuronide in their urine.

“Children had higher levels than adolescents and adolescents had higher levels than adults. In animals, BPA can cause permanent effects after very short periods of exposure.
It doesn’t have to remain in the body to have an effect.
– Retha Newbold, Endocrinologist,
U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Children are particularly susceptible to the adverse health effects of BPA, since their brains and bodies are still in development. Exposure to women also causes errors in cell division leading to spontaneous miscarriages, cancer, and birth defects including Down’s syndrome.

Bisphenol-A mimics oestrogenic activity and enhances mesolimbic dopamine activity, which results in hyperactivity and attention deficits. As a known hormonal disruptor, it is as powerful as oestrogen at increasing calcium influx into cells and stimulating prolactin secretion. It also affects prostate development, decreases sperm count and has deformed testicles in rats.

Many scientists have expressed concern that exposure to BPA is having developmental effects on various hormone-responsive organs including the breasts and testicles. It is adversely affecting male genital development and consequently targeting fertility rates, as well as altering the Anogenital distance, which, too, is tied to fertility.

The effects of BPA on the male reproductive system, the decline in testicular testosterone, the reduced number of sperm, their form and behaviour, and on the overall increase in femininity of both genders is quite significant, and cannot be overlooked.

And with “BPA levels in humans far higher than previously thought,” (The CDC estimates that over 90% of people in the U.S. are chronically exposed to BPA at over 3000 times the daily level that the FDA reports) is it any wonder humanity is in the state it is? There is a direct and consistent desire to reduce the testosterone in men, to reduce our fighting spirit and ultimately weaken us.

Homosexuality, infertility and a reduction in intelligence and aggression is being encouraged with chemicals and additives to prevent us from having children and fighting back, plain and simple. This is chemical warfare.
In a 1969 memorandum from Frederick S Jaffe, Vice-president of Planned Parenthood – World Population, to Bernard Berelson, President of Population Council (which is tied in to the United Nations), they “proposed measures to reduce the U.S. fertility by universality or selectivity of impact”. These include “restructuring the social constraint: family”, by “altering the image of ideal family size, compulsorily educating children (brainwashing), encouraging increased homosexuality, putting fertility control agents in the water supply and encouraging women to work.”  The current White House Science Czar, John P. Holdren, is on record in multiple books calling for this as well.

This technocracy is taking peoples choices to have children away and chemically encouraging androgyny.

In conjunction with the slew of other oestrogen-mimicking chemicals humans are routinely exposed to, from soy (the oestrogenic isoflavones interfere with the production and usage of testosterone in your body. Genetically modified soy is present in almost every product) to antibacterial ingredients in soaps, Bisphenol-A conveniently fits into the agenda to sicken, sterilise, depopulate, hormonally-imbalance and hyper-effeminise you to make you unable to retaliate or live a normal, unadulterated life.

Again, I ask you to look around. I ask you, what do you see?

These substances knowingly cause or are linked with sterility, low birth weight, miscarriages, smaller or deformed offspring, as well as organ failure, cancers, brain tumors and death itself. What you DON’T know about on your grocery shelves can hurt you. I reiterate: knowledge is power.  Please be more mindful of what enters your body. It is a temple. Respect it and watch as the light and love of the universe opens to you.

I have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt the effects of these substances on you physiologically. I have provided proof of buried studies, fraudulent statistics, and hinted as to why.

With all this in mind, is it any wonder cancers numbers have skyrocketed?  These things don’t happen by chance. People are not becoming fatter and lazier and more sycophantic and subservient and docile, more stupid, more depressed, more self-mutilating, more apathetic, more PATHetic and effeminate by pure chance. This is not the normal course of events, things should be completely different!
This isn’t a natural phenomenon! Man does not simply devolve to this sluggish behavioural pattern. This isn’t something you can shrug off; this is a sign of a direct chemical and biological, physiological, psychological and spiritual attack upon YOU. Warfare. War. People. War. War. War. War. War. War.

YOU are bombarded! I pray one day that we will collectively leave our stupor, our trance, our haze and just OPEN our EYES and OPEN our MINDS and then OPEN our HEARTS and DO what is RIGHT. This is Full spectrum dominance! Perhaps we will. I have faith.

This is ALL done to support their agenda.
So what is this agenda?

Reduction of the population, consolidation and centralisation of power to one, world-wide, all-pervasive governing body and control and surveillance over all facets of human life.

It is as simple as that, and the quicker we can accept this, the quicker we can stop and prevent more tyranny. Because that’s what it is: a “tyranny.” There’s no other way of looking at it. And it is happening.

We face a globalist, bankster orchestrated, economic world depression to consolidate power and control. An environmental dictatorship in this artificial, induced habitat we dub life is slowly being phased in with mass global population reduction as the undertone and the world’s welfare as the fallacious excuse.

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