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MSG – You Are What You Eat


As if poisoning our water supply wasn’t bad enough, the craziness only gets crazier. If you walk down the aisles of your supermarket chains (which itself is a whole other issue), you will see flavour enhancers and artificial sweeteners are found ad nauseam.

The average person has been led to believe the only concern with food is how much salt there is, or what type of fat is present or how many calories is in it. When in reality these issues are completely farcical and ultimately dwarfed by the sheer magnitude of the harmful substances and biological corruption present in our food and water.

What is a flavour enhancer? It speaks for itself really, though is a gross underestimation of its true nature and purpose. You would have heard it referred to as MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), and probably heard somewhere, from some obscure source, that something is wrong with it maybe for some reason. For all intents and purposes it sounds great! Something that would enhance the flavour of dying, denatured, bland, flavourless shit and render it tolerable to the tastebuds… The reality is MSG is an excitotoxin, meaning that it literally excites brain cells to death.

Glutamic acid is a neurotransmitter that excites our neurons. This is not limited to our tongues; our brains too have receptors for this non-essential amino acid. Some parts of our brain, such as the hypothalamus, have no resistant blood-brain barrier. Thus food sources with glutamic acid are able to penetrate the brain with ease; injuring and destroying neurons. This can cause adverse reactions ranging anywhere from mild and transitory, to debilitating and life threatening.

The vulnerable hypothalamus in our brains regulates weight control, as well as other endocrine functions.

As well as brain damage, it is also associated with cardiac, circulatory, neurological, gastro-intestinal, respiratory, skin and urological disorders. The full spectrum basically, it runs the gamut. It is a likely culprit in humanity’s inexhaustible strive to win the obesity race.

You would be surprised to know how many products claim to have no MSG on their label, while carrying other forms of MSG masquerading under an alias. Some of these include: Yeast extract, hydrolysed oils, autolysed oils, soy protein, citric acid (330), stock, flavours, and of course the usual suspects: the flavour enhancers.

Due to MSG’s ability to make cheap, tasteless foods flavoursome and its low manufacturing cost, companies are eager to continue using this neuro-toxic, nerve stimulator without the public becoming aware of its intrinsic health problems.

NOHA Board Member Adrienne Samuels, PhD, wrote a history of the many deceptions used by those manufacturers. She points out “how easily truth can be hidden and how seemingly isolated incidents actually can be badly flawed research, direct suppression of information, and dissemination of biased information orchestrated by one group or industry.”

“The same oral dose of glutamate that causes a dramatic increase in blood glutamate concentrations in humans, causes no increase at all in monkeys. Therefore, it is difficult to understand why so much money and effort was expended on oral glutamate monkey studies, unless the goal was to amass an unchangeable mountain of negative evidence that could serve as basis for fostering the misleading impression, and fueling the spurious argument that if monkeys are resistant to glutamate-induced brain damage, other primates, including humans, must be similarly resistant.”
– Dr. John Olney,

.In fact, mice and rats have reactions far closer to ours. Exposed laboratory rats suffered brain lesions and neuroendocrine disorders. Mice also became grotesquely obese following administration of free glutamic acid.

Actually, because mice and rats are not naturally obese, scientists often intentionally administer MSG to mice and rats to use in diet or diabetes studies. When they are first born (neonates) they are parenterally injected with MSG, which triples the amount of insulin the pancreas creates, causing morbid obesity. They call them “MSG-Treated Rats.”

MSG is also highly addictive. And we wonder why the nation is overweight? Manufacturers of MSG themselves admit that it addicts people to their products. People want to eat products with MSG over those without, and also more and more of it. “Once you pop you can’t stop!”

So not only is it scientifically proven to cause a wide range of health problems, it is also an addictive substance. Because the FDA claims it is “generally recognised as safe” to eat in any amount, they have set no limit on how much can be added. They are able to add as high a dose as they want to all prepackaged meals, soups, snacks, fast foods etc. And then they tempt you with colourful advertising and mascots and the like.
When a brain is deluged with more glutamic acid than it can handle, problems and diseases do occur. Dr. Samuels and Dr. Blaylock, along with many others, have extensively proven there is an overwhelming evidence of toxicity.

Controversially, in studies with people, glutamate industry researchers have sometimes used aspartame as the “placebo” for their “control” groups. Aspartame contains aspartic acid, which is a structural analog of glutamic acid and causes the same toxic effects. Thus, they could be confident that they would get the same effects in the experimental and in the “control” groups.

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