Information Warfare

Mobilisation, Action, Solutions and Peaceful Resistance.

How to Create Peace on Earth: Visualise Something Better and Strive to Attain it!


“…To even imagine world peace being plausible, feasible, we have to
imagine something completely different to what is here right now. It
has to be radically different.

We have to change our perceptions on reality itself.

And the more you can get off the system the easier it will be to
imagine something radically different. Not only does this system
strive to keep you in this system at all costs, it keeps you in a fear
based mindset; in ego, in the 5 senses…

The systems of control are just ideas. And I’ve got a better one!!

And it has got to the point where, sure, it did set the framework by
which we can attain this next step in human evolution and human
consciousness BUT it was designed to serve us and It’s not serving us
anymore is it? In fact, it wants us gone because we have become a
detriment to it.

But you have to weigh up which is more important? The system or the
Future of the human race? Is it about making a profit or creating
something better for our children?

The system doesn’t need us anymore, but we are also done with the
system. It’s done with us and we’re done with it. But the fact
remains, it still exists and we’re still here. So there is this
clashing going on right now!

People want out, people want self-sufficiency, people want freedom,
people want peace love, abundance and no shit! This is what everyone
is already striving for but in the wrong way; striving within the
confines and limitations of the system!

Imagine everything being awesome, honestly.

What I am proposing is quite feasible. We cannot continue to do the
same thing we have for countless years in the hopes it will create
something better; something different. This is madness.

We cannot continue to do the same thing in fear of the consequences of
what will happen if we do not.

Or in fear of the consequences of what will happen if we DO radically
change everything. WE cannot live in this fear anymore!

We must become confident in our own ability to live in a free world.
And if you are not confident it is probably an indication you are
engrained in this system of control, this system of fear, this system
of compartmentalisation, this satanic system of debt and slavery…”

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