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The Amazing Health Benefits of Pine Needle Tea

Not many people realise that you can make a highly nutritious beverage for free.

The best pine tree to get it from is the White Pine which you can look up in a search engine. It is quite common.

There are only a few varieties of pine that are toxic and they are  Norfolk Island Pine, Yew and Ponderosa Pine. Avoid these by researching what they look like before you pick the pine needles.

All you need to do is harvest some pine needles off of the tree. Bring the needles home and boil up some water (be sure to use filtered water) on the stove or in your kettle and place the needles in the water to steep for 10-15 minutes.

Here are some of the health benefits of this free tea:

  • Pine needles are incredibly high in vitamin C AND vitamin A. In fact one cup of pine needle tea has as much vitamin C as 5 cups of orange juice.
  • Pine needle tea is a great cure for colds and flu’s as it has anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti viral and immune boosting properties. All of these are of use to someone suffering from a cold.
  • Pine needles contain a high level of MSM which is a natural form of sulfur. This acts in a detoxifying way to the body. Sulfur is also essential to various parts of your body like your skin, hair and nails.

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