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Vitamin E

  • Vitamin E is an excellent health improving thing to include in your diet. It has been shown to help skin look better and heal faster. This may be due to vitamin E’s antioxidant content.
  • It is essential that we get enough vitamin E in our diet for optimum health. Vitamin E is fat soluble instead of water soluble. This means that this vitamin is stored in your fat instead of in water. Water soluble vitamins leave the body quickly and need to be replenished more often than fat soluble.
  • Vitamin E reduces bad cholesterol. This lowering of bad cholesterol has a whole host of benefits by itself and is one of the many health benefits of vitamin E.
  • Vitamin E has been shown through studies that it can relieve pain and act as an anti inflammatory.
  • Good sources of vitamin E include almonds, spinach, sunflower seeds and grape seed oil.
  • Vitamin E can increase testosterone production in the body.

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