Information Warfare

Mobilisation, Action, Solutions and Peaceful Resistance.

The power in THAT!

As a society in general, I think we can all agree intuitively, on our most deepest of connections with self and each other, that we are riding a rollercoaster straight to Hell. I believe we can all feel we are going in the wrong direction as a species. AND I think the answer is in a WORLD WIDE FOOD FOREST! A magical environment where ALL basic fundamentals to sustain life are FREE and abundant including land! We all live with NO LAWS except the laws of nature and spirituality; the moral connection to nature and the mutual respect for all organisms because of our relationship to these organisms.

It is hard to convey it; it is really something that must be experienced. And it can be through a change in perception of what is actually real or important in our lives and a psychoanalysis of who we are and what it is truly serving. We should treat others with respect and expect no less in return, everyone should be relatively wild and undomesticated, everyone should be able to defend themselves and should be as armed as they please, within reason of course. Children should be educated by their FAMILIES outside a government curriculum.

Freedom, self-sufficiency, community and love are the corner stones of a healthy society. Societies at the moment are quite clearly manipulated into an ego-driven, poisonous, false reality that has no basis in this larger reality we all share. It is intentionally contrived, it is the status quo.

This world is mine as much as yours, and vice versa.

Permaculture can restore this Earth and its inhabitants, and when we FOOD FOREST the WORLD we will truly bring PEACE to this PLANET! Free, abundant love, health, peace, freedom, fulfillment, hope, honour, bravery, innovation, exploration as protectors, defenders, nurturers and custodians of this world, as members of one family. We can create environments for all life to live in harmony everywhere, habitats for all mankinds creations, and we as creators create this reality! This makes sense.

What is the meaning of life? I believe it is to create! In whatever way we can! Life, art, science, food..! And so long as we strive to do what is right, not only in terms of ‘morally right’ but the CORRECT path to go down, we will evolve our species and create a planet where the thought of exterminating 95% of our species would be unthinkable because it would make no sense because each of us is vital, crucial, and here for a reason! We are all special, we manifested in this time and place to serve a purpose; what is our destiny? And are we on the right path to fulfilling it?

I know we can all share this stance at our base state, because anything other than what is being proposed by the leaders of our world is a step in the RIGHT direction! They have gone mad with power, and they need to be recognized for the deranged souls they are. Their blazers do not fool us, there is no muscle under there. Their demeanour doesn’t fool us, it is all an illusion! A movie! Playing on the television attempting to convey a certain perspective of this larger reality we share. And everyone accepts this perspective that is presented to them as reality, as TRUTH, simply because everyone else accepts it. But WHAT THE HELL IS IT!? WHO OWNS IT? WHAT ARE THEIR INTERESTS?

The same empty souls that are responsible the despotism running rampant across our globe. Its incrementally getting worse and worse because people continue to compromise, whereby evil attempts to move 10 steps forward, but in the face of public backlash only takes 3 steps. But that is still 3 steps towards their agenda. And we have got to a tipping point where we can either turn this right around with the information we have of the past, combined with our present, 2012, here and now, to create the future our hearts desire OR allow this to continue unabated, which will result in all our deaths?

This is scientific! It is disturbing in that regard. We do not have to go down this disturbing path, friends! This system is just an idea. Humanity constructed it we can just as easily deconstruct it. We just need to realize the systems of control as the artificial social constructs they are! As artificial and controlled as the artificial habitat we are being forced to live in where we have to PAY to be ALIVE! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT IDEA? I think it is obsolete, we have not only outgrown the idea but the people who uphold the idea have grown tired of us, and are attempting to “cleanse” the world of us…

I’VE GOT A BETTER IDEA THAN POPULATION REDUCTION THROUGH SOFT KILL SCIENTIFIC DICTATORSHIP. I have got a vision!! Its like if I could JUST be dictator for a YEAR or something hahaha I could truly bring peace to this planet. I would at least set the framework by which peace can be attained. And it is NOT as hard as it sounds, in fact, it is QUITE feasible. And all it will take is a changed perspective, and that is reliant solely on the individual reading this. On you.

Abandon everything you have ever known, what you have been told is truth or untruth; fact or fiction. Such fixed concepts are barriers preventing us from expanding our consciousness to infinite possibilities. A consciousness that knows no bounds. When we meet information contrary to our perception of reality; something that doesn’t seem real or plausible to us, often, we will react with hostility or refuse to go any further. This is because such new information, if it WAS proven to be real, would force us to have to UNLEARN, RELEARN, QUESTION and RETHINK EVERYTHING they we based our entire lives upon!

We need to recognize good from evil, and recognize evil has taken over this globe so slowly that, while we have been preoccupied and distracted with celebrities and chasing money, we have become engulfed by the tides of tyranny. The men in society need to put an end to this, so that we may save this world from total annihilation, so that we can create a better society for our children and our children’s children. Because this is the priority! Because nothing else matters! And we are involved in some intense scientific tyranny right now, which is sweeping the globe, genetically modifying this planet and its inhabitants.

Men need to start getting active in reality. Men should be heroic, they should try and defeat the bad guys, and women should encourage this and see them as heroes in their eyes! And then the men will encourage the women back. Women encourage the men’s testosterone and men encourage the women’s estrogen. And we will co-operate as ONE species, with respect shaping the Earth our hearts desire, and WE HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO DO IT! Just because these control freaks invested in a statistically destructive economic system of slavery want to stage attacks and send people off to war to profit and manipulate world events doesn’t mean the 7 billion of us have to go along with it. WE are RESPONSIBLE for STOPPING THIS.

We can utilize the FREE ENERGY DEVICES that have been suppressed by these morons playing the economic system! PERMACULTURE FOOD FORESTS should be SPRAWLING AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE INTO INFINITE! LAND SHOULD BE FREE AND AVAILABLE TO ALL WHO WILL UTILISE IT! NO LAWS WILL EXIST THAT KEEP PEOPLE IN FEAR AND DISTRACTED FROM REALITY! MUTUAL RESPECT will be commonplace because everyone will be in a state of love because everything they could ever possibly want will be free and abundant and so HUMANITY IN GENERAL WILL EVOLVE! Its not as hard as it sounds actually! Are you brave enough to live in this world? I think you are. If you knew who you were you would be. If you aren’t brave enough then you need to find yourself.

Everything we COULD EVER POSSIBLY WANT can be GROWN ourselves! And we should all do what we are NATURALLY good at and what we were put here to do. Men hunt and protect, and women nurture and gather and prepare, whats so hard? EVERYTHING IS SHIT BECAUSE WE HAVE LOST TOUCH with who and what we are.

What are we? Slaves? No! WE ARE PRIMAL! WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEASTS WITH CONSCIOUSNESS AND PURPOSE! Combine the knowledge of the past with the present to create the future. We must do the right thing! Not only in a moral sense but in terms of whats “CORRECT”.

ART is what EVOLVES a species.

Freedom will breed unique individuality. So with this diversity of perspectives, love, abundance, peace, ecstasy, tragedy, adventure, passion, health, ART APPEARS. ART EVOLVES a species through shaping CULTURES.

The NWO is the amalgamation of previously diverse cultures to one uniform slave class. IT IS DISTURBING! CULTURES create the ART! Individuality breeds creativity which BREEDS cultures which BREEDS art which EVOLVES the species! MONEY should be whatever anyone wants it to be. Cannabis can be grown so that we literally grow our money on trees! Or gems or crystals! Or organic foods! Even love could be exchanged. Why not? What do humans want to share? I think we can do this!

Everyone needs to define reality as they currently see it from their perspective and not be afraid to do so or shunned or called crazy. Your perspective is VALID! It is an expression of your entire life experience up til this point, everything you have witnessed has shaped it. SUPPOSE you were raised in a propagandised, eugenics-based, orchestrated tyranny with the conclusion: a great global cleansing to rid the world of us. 95% pop. reduction. ITS HAPPENED BEFORE TO VARIOUS CULTURES!!!

If we were propagandised and lied to for our entire lives, would our perspective be based in REALITY? Would our PERSPECTIVES EVEN BE OUR OWN!? We must all begin a process of UNLEARNING and RELEARNING everything with this information in mind. AND WE MUST. Because NOTHING ELSE MATTERS! Fear NOT ridicule. Fear NOT laughter. Fear NOT death! THEY ARE ALREADY LAUGHING AT US! THEY ARE ALREADY KILLING US! Ask not what I have done. But what have YOU done to PREVENT THIS!?

Hemp Oil cures cancer, cancer is abundant right now. Hemp SHOULD be abundant. But why isn’t it? BECAUSE OF THIS SYSTEM RUN BY FREAKS! And the system persists because we attack SYMPTOMS instead of the HEART of it! We all need to stop what we are doing and face this with utmost focus and attention, because everything lies on it! Everything is at stake! Nature is the stars! Nurture is who we hang around with! Both shape us! Nature is being MANIPULATED, MUTATED and patented!



I have a plan! I have a feasible strategy for world peace! We just have to lose faith in that system and have faith in another! Their system is just an IDEA! I have a better one and I KNOW YOU SHARE IT WITH ME!!!! Peace and LOVE!!! FREEEEEEEDOM! SAY IT WITH ME: “I am not bound within the confines of this statistically demonic, self-destructive, sick, twisted, vile, abusive, system. I am a member of humanity with 7 billion other custodians who have been misled by the same system. Together we are strong, and our apathy to the situation we face is what is allowing it to persist. We will rise to the challenge, we will create peace on Earth together, because we can because we must. The time has come for it, so solutions have made themselves available. You see? This is why we are here. This is the reason for our existence. This is what will shape the world for years to come, and we can do it together if we stand in this power.”

This is a good perspective, no?  Could this catch on? When we understand the consequences of complacency, and what will happen if we stand down and do nothing, I think this solution becomes quite interesting, and should definitely not be overlooked. I think we can do this very easily, and all it would take is a tidal wave of truth, of knowledge; recognized as such, and regarded as such, and treated thustly.

Imagine a world covered in sprawling food forest. Everyone does what they please, because by following their hearts desire, their heart will be invested, so they will do their best work. And everyone will have the opportunity to do it because we are all part of a global community of completely self sufficient individuals who share a common goal of ENSURING liberty and peace and we respect other cultures because we respect OURSELVES and we are not born into DEBT and slavery, CLEAN SLATE!!

Everyone has the wrong conclusion! “Wake Up” isn’t the conclusion it is only the FIRST STEP! We want to hit THROUGH the board, not the board itself. Our conclusion should be World Peace and a MASS SPRAWLING PERMACULTURE FOOD FOREST. Think about it. HOW do we achieve THIS from our current predicament. The answer is to know WHO and WHAT you are. You are not your false constructs (ego, wealth, status, title, name) you are NOTHING, NO ONE and thus can be ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

The power in THAT!

Thank you for your time,

Ben Thatcher

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