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Here we are in 2012

Here we are in 2012.

I think we really need to appreciate the significance of this, and take it for exactly what it is.

It is a moment in history! And it is happening RIGHT NOW! Right around us history is being written and experienced by every subjective perspective on Earth. Together, with our powers and perspectives combined, we co-create this larger reality. Our consciousness is at the heart of everything, and every living organism on earth responds to human consciousness.

We have such power inside us all; such potential waiting to be made manifest!

We are divine, magnificent expressions of creation! If we could only realize our own divinity!

At our base state we are NOTHING! We are NO-ONE! And thus we can be ANYTHING and ANYONE we desire to be at ANY given time! Living with a clean slate constantly; never bound by such fixed concepts as truth or untruth, fact or fiction, we are able to experience our realities from a perspective where ANYTHING is ALWAYS possible and never overlooked, and with due diligence and critical thinking, sourcing knowledge from various places and through life experience, we are able to reach accurate conclusions as to just what is going on in this reality we each share.

And this is how we should base our perspectives on reality!!

But before all this can happen, we must realize its catalyst is inquisitiveness, curiosity and imagination. These are the instigators. We must realize the power and potential in simply asking “why?” and not ever accepting something is as it is simply because everyone else accepts it as a universally valid concept, WITHOUT ever considering how EVERYONE’S MINDS may have been manipulated and propagandized to the same statistically destructive system of slavery and mass, forced eugenics – brainwashed from BIRTH to accept the universally valid concept, in spite of its erroneous basis and morally destructive nature.

Are you able to grasp this?

Our perspectives are the summation of each of our particular life experiences up until up until this present moment, and because no two people were raised the same, everyone has a different perspective! And our inviduality is what breeds creativity and diversity, which is what breeds art and culture, which is what shapes and evolves a species. NOT eugenics. That will only destroy everything we hold dear and we must recognise this.

At the moment our perspective on reality is incredibly compartmentalized and controlled, and we have been manipulated and poisoned by the same system, to such an extent, that some people are willfully ignorant, submissive, oblivious and almost unconscious; walking through life in an addled state of arrested-development working the same mundane routine over and over, repetition, repetition, expecting different results.

Who is the creative adult? The child that survived! This is 2012 everyone! I am speaking to every human brother and sister on this planet because we are all one. Look around you. Are we on the right path?  Are we making the most of it? Do our current systems serve humanity as a whole? Who is steering the course of human history? Why? By which means? And to what end?

Time seems to be moving faster and slower simultaneously and events are constantly occurring, and each event is the summation of a minutia of events that occurred before it. It is for this reason everything on earth is happening for a reason! Nothing is by chance! And this is made even truer when one realises the governments of this world are funded by, and answer to a cabal of scientific, ruthless, satanic, control freak eugenicists.

And this is the reality of the situation as I see it. Why are the world leaders meeting annually in secret to discuss the future of this world away from public scrutiny? Why are the world’s most influential people meeting in a red-wood forest to partake in ritualistic ceremonies beneath a giant owl? Why are there secret societies at all? Why are 7 billion people going along for the hell of it? Why do we allow ourselves to be marched to our deaths, while the real culprits and instigators, the real scumbag manipulators sit offshore and watch their pawns interact; experimenting with the commodities we have become, their property, which we allow ourselves to be.

Every single action we choose to make affects the larger, objective reality. And every time we refuse to take action by remaining ignorant to the true political paradigm, not becoming active in reality around us, not joining the dots, succumbing to the manipulation, denying the centralization of power, continuing to serve evil unquestionably, compartmentalized in our fluoridated bubbles, compromising over and over, and remaining complacent in the face of the consequences that stem from doing so, EACH TIME we do this, we allow the Earth to be raped and raped by malicious psychopaths.

And this is not so farfetched a concept, evil does exist and has for millennia. Evil is right around us, right now. Even WE are split down the middle between good and evil. The question is, which side do you serve? Do you strive for good in all that you do with the knowledge that this is what creates fulfillment, or do you buy into the shallow lie, the illusion, that evil is sexy and should be worshipped and praised?

Do you take a further step back and realize the insanity of this entire world, and our unique ability to STOP EVERYTHING and create PEACE ON EARTH! Humans created this system to serve us.

BUT… It is TIME we start asking ourselves whether it TRULY IS!?

When we see, across the board, massive increases in sterility, plummeting male sperm counts, cancers, autism, morbid obesity, decreases in testosterone, decreases in spirituality, decreases in creativity, left brain fixation, massive worldwide debt, compartmentalization, sexual ambiguity, weakened immune systems, arthritic-like conditions, allergies, miscarriages, reduced intelligence and world-wide lethargy, apathy, depression and Stockholm syndrome.

Do you know what this signifies? A chemical and biological and psychological attack.

Something is incredibly wrong! This is not the way things should be! Not at ALL!

And when Eugenicist Bankers admit they are doing this to us, to kill us, in a great global cleansing to pave the way for a future without US, so that they can create a trans-humanist, genetically modified, demonic cesspit, abomination of nature… what other conclusion could one reach?

We must collectively abandon this tunnel-vision prison we have been given by the television; we must make a break with the lies! Make a break with the tyranny! We must RECOGNISE tyranny for what it is, differentiate good from evil, and expand our minds to a more peripheral perspective that encompasses all possibilities. A holistic perspective where we can make accurate decisions on how to act and on what is truly real or not.

And you will find all the answers by looking within! And by knowing who and what we are: protectors, custodians and nurturers of this world and its inhabitants, BEINGS on a ROCK! SOULS!

When did people forget they were SOULS!?

We constructed this system, we can just as easily deconstruct it. Every person you have read about in history is just that: a person in history. You are a person in history. This is 2012. How will you leave your mark? Will you create a better society for your children?

We must never think we do not deserve the very best, because it is through compromising we allow the scum of the earth to claim authority over us. But it is all a con game. Confidence and our apathy and our acquiescence has won them their seat in history, and their own stubbornness and pride has cemented their place.

So let their hearts be hardened. Let us channel that fire inside us all and co-create the futures we all wish to see! And I believe I have the answer to world peace, and I believe you already know it too. And I believe you share this perspective with me, and I believe there are 7 billion other perspectives who share yours and mine. And I would love to share it with you over time if you will follow us on this journey; together we are strong! A kingdom united!

And what is our common bond? Truly? Freedom!
And what are the fundamentals of life we should never take for granted and strive forever to uphold?

Is it Love or is it Hate?

Is it Life or is it Death?

Health or Sickness?

Peace or War?

Wealth or Debt?

Freedom or Servitude?

Obviously we wish for the former in all these scenarios.

But, please, ask yourself, what state is humanity in at the moment as a whole?

Which path are we actually on?

Which road are we going down?

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

I believe there is! And I believe it is not as hard as it seems to achieve Heaven on Earth!

All it will take is a changed perspective, and all that will take is your participation in your own salvation!

Get off the fence! I believe in every one of us and our potential to shake things up, because we NEED to shake things up now! I believe our births were significant, we have spawned at this moment in time, WHY!? Because we have something to offer! The TIME IS ALIVE! It is an organism as we are! And we are part of it by our very nature! I believe we are an expression of the stars above us, and thus we are all SO unique and crucial and vital and special and magnificent! We will never be on this earth as our particular expressions of creation ever again! It is fundamental we utilize the potential we were given by our creator!

We are HERE!

That is a magical thing!

Nature exists and can cater for everything we could ever possibly want or need! And MORE!
And nature is currently being manipulated, poisoned, strip mined, genetically modified, patented and destroyed by unaccountable multinational corporations who know no limits and no bounds, to whom too much money is never enough, and who would throw their own mother in front of a train if it meant success.

Success by their definition is to usurp this world and enslave everyone to their system. We must stop living up to their idea of success, following their rules to get to the top of an artificial ladder of success.

But the system does not work, and hence we need to start this discussion and attempt to change it as it is orchestrated around us! .

Everything can be grown in the ground through love and dedication and in our minds through our imagination. Now just THINK of the possibilities of THAT! And KNOW your place and power to create GREAT positive change! You CAN do it! Ask not what I have done, or what anyone else is doing, but what are YOU doing? What have YOU done? Is it enough?

If you were sitting in the year 2020, and it was all too late, everything you loved was taken from you, and you had the chance to go back in time and do something different; to say this, or stop that, what would you give to go back? You have that ability right now to make these changes! Jump into the future and recognize the direction we are headed so that we may prevent humanity from taking such a humiliating turn; combine the knowledge of the past with the present to create the future! We can change this world for the better together, so please join us on this journey.

We can do it because we must!

Love and Peace, Ben Thatcher

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