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Reishi Mushroom Health Benefits

  • Reishi has been a popular medicinal plant for more than 2000 years in the East. It is known as the mushroom of longevity and eternal youth.
  • Reishi is classed as an adaptogen. Adaptogens are defined as a metabolic regulator that increases the ability to adapt to environmental factors.
  • Reishi has antifungal, antidiabetic, anti parasitic, immune system supporting, antioxidant rich adaptogenic mechanisms.
  • Prolonged use reduces the damaging effects of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional stresses.
  • Reported to build resistance to disease. In conjunction with a healthy diet it would definitely help recover from a variety of illnesses.
  • Reishi supports the liver and kidneys.
  • With reishi’s adaptogenic, balancing effects and immune system supporting properties it can help with a variety of ailments such as allergies/hayfever, fatigue, depression, diabetes and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

High Quality Reishi Mushroom Can Be Bought Here:

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Other Potent Healing Super Foods:

He Shou Wu – One of the highest food sources of zinc. Contains powerful antioxidants that can slow aging.

Colostrum – Contains growth factors for skin, hair, nails, bone and other important body tissues. Boosts immune system. Builds high quality muscle.

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