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What Is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a style of gardening that emulates nature. By observing nature in its ways you can pick up ideas to improve your garden.

Certain plants have certain effects to the ground, plants and wildlife around them. This is the basis of permaculture and it all stems from here.

Did you know growing basil near your tomatoes improves their flavor? They also taste great together in a dish.

Certain plants attract predator insects that feed on bugs that eat your plants. This will save you spraying toxic sprays in your yard to try and control nature.

You can plant ground covers that suppress weeds, feed you and attract bees and other beneficial insects.

There is no fertilizer in nature. Fallen trees enrich the ground. You can simulate this by growing legume trees and shrubs in amongst your forest which you can chop and drop to feed the ground.

Nature is a powerful force. You can go with the flow of nature and let it take you and your garden to new levels, or you can try and go against nature. Use the force of nature to your advantage.

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