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Aloe Vera Increases Vitamin B12 Absorbtion + More B12 Facts

Studies show that eating aloe vera with your meals can help absorption of the illusive vitamin B12.

There are many different opinions on vitamin B12.

Some vegans claim they don’t need animal foods to get B12. Some people seem to thrive on a vegan diet while others fail. Aloe vera may be able to help some of those people who struggle but some people need animal foods. We all have different metabolisms.

There are only a few plants that supposedly contain vitamin B12. Aloe vera is one of them. Certain sea vegetables are claimed to have B12. A rare Asian plant called Angelica Keiske. You  can buy the seeds of Angelica Keiske online and try to grow it yourself or look for a seller online of the herb.
Animal sources of B12 include liver, various meat cuts, eggs, milk. You are going to want to make sure the milk is raw and not pasturized and homogonised as this denatures it and renders it nutritionally and enzyme depleted.

Cutting up aloe vera into chunks and adding it to your meal can help you with B12 absorption.

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