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Why You Should Filter Your Tap Water


Tap water has been the subject of various chemicals and additives that we as a species are not meant to consume. Anyone that is drinking tap water that isn’t filtered is putting themselves and their families at risk.

Every water supply contains different chemicals. The most common chemicals added are sodium fluoride and chlorine.

I have heard fluoride is good for us

Sodium fluoride is in fact an industrial waste by-product from aluminum and phosphate fertilizer industries. This form of fluoride is not the same as the naturally occurring calcium fluoride.

Sodium fluoride an industrial grade product (not pharmaceutical) and often contains residues of toxic heavy metals like lead, arsenic and various radioactive substances that our bodies cannot remove easily. These toxins accumulate in our bodies and damage us over and over again throughout our lives.

Fluoride promotes apathy and lethargy. It eliminates aggression and motivation. This is apparently in today’s society.

Fluoride first appeared in Nazi concentration camps in Germany. It was used to reduce dissent and questioning of authority.

Fluoride is registered as a mouse and rat poison. It is also in our water supply. You have to ask why is a chemical that is used to kill rodents and was used to promote apathy in concentration camps now in water supplies around the world?

Topical vs. systemic

Fluoride doesn’t even benefit teeth when swallowed. Its entire action is topical, not systemic. You do not drink sunscreen to protect from the sun and you should not drink fluoride to protect your teeth.

There are many disorders associated with fluoride consumption. Birth defects, low IQ, apathy, brain defects, upped chance of bone fractures, arthritis like conditions and many, many more.

Fluoride is banned in most of Western Europe because it was found to be unsafe.

“Continental Europe is now almost entirely free of fluoridation, for good reasons. People who ingest fluoridated water for decades are at risk of developing dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, hip fractures and hyper sensitivity reactions”

-Dr. Mark Diesendorf,

Deputy director, Institute of Environmental Studies, University of NSW, Sydney

How can I avoid this chemical?

Not only is fluoride and the host of other chemicals in tap water accumulated in your body by drinking it, your skin absorbs it when you bathe!

The best way to avoid fluoride is to purchase a water filter for the water you drink and a shower head filter for the water you bathe in.Not all water filters remove fluoride or radiation. It is in fact quite difficult to remove these things.

This filter DOES remove fluoride and other contaminants:

In the mean time there is bound to be casked water sold at your local supermarket that is fluoride free.

Tell people you know about this because this is a serious issue facing humanity at the moment. Cities around the world have had fluoride removed from their water supply after presenting the evidence to their local council. You can do the same! Get like minded individuals together that actually care about health freedom, make a case and present it.

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